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Friday, August 24, 2007

Yey or Nay?

Sooo: Feeling better today, I've been kinda knocked out all week ;0(

Went out Wed night ( which didn't help ) and woke up Thursday in a right kerfuffle, so I just made lots of tea, ate lots of food and watch lots of films yesterday.

Feel better today.

I think?

The big question is though:

Nottinghill Carnival Yay or Nay?

  1. I'll see all my mates
  2. Get completely munted
  3. listen to some good music
  4. Party till the early hours
  1. I'll get completely munted
  2. Not be good till next Wednesday
  3. Yeah you get to see all your mates but... non of them can string a sentence together!
  4. I'll spend a fortune. Carnival can be one of those: " Oh my god!! I could have bought a new ipod/SLR camera /boat/car/house" moments on Tues morning depending or not if the dealers are live ( which, of course, they will be!)
  5. I've seen and done it all before ( virtually every weekend this a job! )
  6. I've got a feeling it's all gonna kick off this year. There's an unsaid murmur of trouble brewing. Nobody's really talking about it, but every one of my Kensal Rise friends has mentioned it at some point over the last few days ( call me paranoid, but paranoia keeps you out of hospital) I've been involved in fights at carnival before and believe you me, you really don't wanna know.
So yeah, what to do?

The party I go to is just a little outside of the main Carnival drag, so I guess it'll be OK??

Newspaper gwirl lives dead center of Carnival, she hates it to the point where she's staying in bed with a load of films and food and not moving.

So I may just go and join her to be honest.

I'll see, I may pop out for a bit on Monday ( famous last words)


Fuck me, wireless electricity whatever next... Dehydrated Water?? ( Just add milk!)

I like this story, boy done good plus I'm a huge fan of Jamaican food and this swauce.

OK I'm out the door


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Not well

Sooo: Wednesday, it's pissing down outside, it's cold , and I'm feeling really under the weather. Sore throat, bad head etc. etc. etc. Been feeling like this since the weekend really, not suprised after three day of rolling around in mucky fields at festivals?

Hopefully a cup of tea will sort me out? I'm supposed to be meeting mini Cleopatra newspaper gwirl tonight, but if I'm still feeling like this I may give it a miss and just sit at home with a cup of Horlicks or something. I dunno!

So what's been happening then? Absolutely bugger all, I've been hiding coz I don't feel well.

I guess it's Nottinghill Carnival again this weekend, but I don't even fancy that at the mo.

Oh woe is me!!!

At least it's not this cold!


Not the first time I've seen these things at festivals this year.

Errr... so what???

I can't be bothered to type any more, it's just hurting my head

OK I'm off out in the car to do some stuff


Monday, August 20, 2007

Two V's and a B.

Sooo, back from the weekend....Suffering somewhat!!

Top gigs though, the band nailed all three. Friday at ( Err just check the wristband ) Oh yeah, Fri at Beautiful days was probably the best gig I've seen the band do. We went from having a few people sitting on the floor in front of the main stage to a heaving crowd by the fifth tune. Totally fukin rocked it! Nice sound system, fully spec'd front of house, big fukin toy box of FX to play with and no fukin noise police telling me to turn it down.

All good.

Plus we all got completely fucked after the gig on the ( seemingly ) endless rider of booze .

Left the festival at fuck knows what time, drove to the digs somewhere ( not sure where ) and managed to get about three or four hours sleep.

Ok, one gig down, two to go.

Gig two: V festival Stafford, Strongbow tent.

My least favorite of the weekends gig, band kicked it though, but...I wasn't allowed to play with the sound as much due to another fukin digital desk. I wish they'd stop installing these fukin things at festivals ( in fact I wish they just bloody stop making them! ) You really, really can't screw with the sound like you can on an analogue desk. I use this technique where you kinda feed delays ( repeating echoes ) back into themselves to get a self modulating huge endless echo, but doing this on a digital desk and you just get bollocks horrible digital distortion.


We were all a bit fucked from the night before but we still rocked it.

Got blasted back at some student digs after the gig. Completely trashed the kitchen and I seem to remember about ten of us doing the Hokey Cokey ( no shit ) at around 5am?

Got a bit more sleep, then it was back on the bus for gig three.

V festival two: Chelmsford, Strongbow cider house.

Another superb gig and a much better spec'd sound system then the previous day, plus no digital bloody desk to contend with. The band were extremely tight as well.

Funny...Half way through the gig this guy comes over and he's like: " Mate your gonna have to turn it down a bit, Pete Doherty can't hear himself properly on the main stage?!"

Me and the in-house sound engineer looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders and in complete unison announced: " Fuck Pete Doherty!!" and then just burst into fits off laughter.

The main stage guy stumbled off, tail between his legs.

Did it get turned down? Did it fuck!

Sorry and that Pete but...our band's actually good mate!

Bit silly putting the two stages right next to each other??

I mean look, they've gotta be only like, fifty meters apart? Stoopid idea!

Great gig though.

To be honest though, I'm not a great fan of the V festivals, I just find them a bit too commercial and they're really anal about the fukin security as well? It's the little things like your weekend VIP wristbands that won't actually get you into any of the fukin VIP bits coz they're the wrong bloody colour??? We had to get one of the organisers to come down to meet us and basically walk us past the security. I mean what's that about?

Really V people, get your shit together?

Anyway, I made it back in one piece so all good.

Feel a bit fucked though!

OK, enough of this, I'm off food shopping.


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Painting by bumblers!

Sooo, I was up until 6am this morning painting the venue bar. Didn't manage to talk my way out of it after all?

Turned out to be a not bad evening really. We had free drinks and pizza all night and there were quite a few of us so we just painted leisurely and mucked about a lot.

It was nice being able to smoke in the bar as we worked as well (don't start or I'll flame)

Highly Illegal ( I mean really ) but... who gives a fuck!

Typical me though, free bar and I decided to drive into Central fukin London in the car??

Took me about a third of the time to get home though!

FYI: I wasn't actually serious about the nitrous oxide car mod on my last post, no really, I wasn't. I really can think of much easier ways of blowing an engine block thanks!

Anyway... I've been running about all day trying to get everything sorted before the weekend of madness starts. I said before but, three festival this weekend over a three day period so I believe I'll be non corpus mentous till around Tues??

And probably not even then.

Expect I'll post Tues with ( hopefully ) a load of pics to boot.

Right, I'm finished for the day sooo... Pub!

Unquestionably the greatest rock band that ever graced the planet ( Don't argue now, you know I'm right!)

This made me laugh ( Taken from Freecycle yesterday, as it appeared )

"WANTED;; anyone out there in cyberspace got an old guitar they dont use,have arthritis in fingers and doc told me to excercise them tried friends saxaphone but neighbours nearly served me an asbo, if anyone could help would b very grateful,so would neibours i imagine. many thanks chris"




Monday, August 13, 2007

Speed painting

So I finally finished all the artwork and got all the tunes together for the Label compilation. It's all been sent off to be manufactured ( it seems to have taken forever )

This Weekend is a biggie with 2 V festivals and a Beautiful days festival to do all in two days ( expect we'll come back a little worse for wear ) I've also volunteered ( stupidly) to do an all night painting party at the club bar on Wed night; bad for two reasons.
  1. I have a lot of shit to do Thurs and..
  2. I fukin hate painting with a vengeance ( something to do with being forced to do it as a child??)
Sooo, I'm gonna desperately try and talk my way out of it tomorrow.

I haven't seen newspaper gwirly for a few days now. I just ain't had the time and, to be honest, I've been enjoying the new motor far too much to be anything other then a narcissistic speed freak adrenalin junkie ( typical bloke eh!)

I donno: Bloke + Pocket rocket= Woohoo... let's go!!

I'm already looking at nitrous oxide kits ( cheaper than cocaine eh! ) .

Oh dear!!!

Probably a good way to go eh?

Late night drives to the country in search of the ultimate in long & windy roads = Bliss!

Oh did I mention I used to race motorbikes??

Took a drive out to Richmond park today ( for the above reasons )

Very pretty

Have vision of returning with car + girl + wicker picnic hamper.

Don't worry I'll drive safely with girl in tow. ( wouldn't want to mess up the sandwiches now would we? )


I'm addicted to House MD, he just kinda reminds me of me in a lot of ways??

Homeless American's study.

Online etch-a-sketch??

I fukin love this, reminds me of being 18 again ( and why I was first turned on by music creation) . Glitches a bit, but saves you shelling out £900 for the real deal.


Saturday, August 11, 2007

See ya Tony.

Sooo, See ya Tony. What can you say about this man eh? founder of the Hacienda Manchester and Factory records, he broke some of the most innovative music that came out of the eighties, back when pop was pop and not some homogenised piece of shit that needs to be sold with a video that looks like a porn film. The music he released on his label was grim, edgy, moody, innovative, refreshing but above all... fukin exciting!!


The world badly needs an injection of Tony Wilson's.

Nuff said!!

My words ain't good enough mate.



Thursday, August 09, 2007

Mean green Congestion machine??

Sooo: My mate T was loads better last night. Went to see him in the new motor. All good.

Anyway coz I ain't had a car for a few years:

Two things that have changed on London roads that piss me right off!
  1. Speed cameras ( fukin everywhere) And I mean fukin everywhere, it's like, totally ridiculous. Err stealth tax alert!! They're revenue generators and have bollocks all to do with road safety, it completely obvious coz of the way they're hidden ( behind trees, at the back end of blind corners etc. etc. etc. ) It's funny to watch the traffic kinda concertinaing down the road to avoid getting flashed, that's gotta be good for road safety eh??
  2. That fukin congestion charge ( In West London) What the fuck is that about?? The traffic through Notting Hill, Ladbroke Grove etc. was never that bad, at least not compared to East London where it's totally ridiculous. I got zapped by it and had to pay £8. I was in the zone for 30 bloody meters between the Sainsbury's at the top of Ladbroke Grove and the next roundabout down, no warning, no signs, no nothing?? I didn't even know about it till I was over the fukin red circle telling me I was in the Zone? "OK," I thought, now I'm having to pay for it, I might as well have a drive around to have a look, and I'm not being funny but The Grove, Notting hill and Portobello areas are like a ghost town. It must be killing the local business stone dead. And all for what: So Ken Livingstone can make a bit of extra fukin cash?? That bloke needs to go.. badly!! I can see him in his little office thinking: " Yeah OK, West Londoners all have a bit of money. Let's go after them!" Twat!! I mean it's all good pretending to be green and shit but I've got news for you Ken, London is a city, it needs road transport etc. to feed it's bloodlines. How the bloody hell you gonna transport goods to your shop on the fukin tube you doughnut??
So yeah, London roads have changed for the worst. We really are getting stealth taxed to fuck in this country, it's ridiculous.

Rant over.

Apart from that, I'm really enjoying flying about, expanding my carbon footprint and spewing CO2 everywhere. If I can't smoke down the pub, I might as well fuck the world up some other way.

Yey me!!

Note ( before you all start) : I don't believe at all the carbon footprint, greener than green bollocks we're being fed by the powers that be for one minute. It's rubbish! Note the: " We're greener than you so stop nicking our oil or well be over there in a shot!" Propaganda we're starting to be fed, mark my words, this will escalate as the oil runs out. Good job I/we won't be around to see it eh!

Right... I'm going to work!


Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Went to hospital...came back with a new motor?

Soo, I went to hospital to visit my mate T yesterday, seemingly he's gonna be OK. Malaria can be removed permanently from the blood nowadays with a bit of TLC so he won't have it for life. The doctor said he was lucky to have lived though as he's seen seven people die this year of this particular strain of Malaria in that one hospital alone.

A lot of people come from Heathrow airport straight to the hospital and then just basically snuff it after a couple more days.

Bit disconcerting when you've got a bunch of students from University College London Centre for tropical diseases huddled around you trying to work out why you're not actually dead??

Oh well, guess he's a trooper?

I think it's more to do with the fact that his new girl picked up on it straight away, she actually made the A&E doctor test for Malaria by screaming at him till he did, seemingly she just wouldn't let up. Guess it saved his life? Good girl, I like you already.

His new African wife is also completely stunning, he's done well there. I didn't know this but he met her a year ago in Africa and has been planning to go over and bring her back ever since. He didn't say anything to me as he knows I would have just called him bloody stupid, but there again, I hadn't seen her and I didn't know her. Sooo anyway, off he trots to Kenya to basically pay the family two goatskins, two copper earrings, a container for milk, a sheep and a spot of ready cash to get his girl and bring her back to England!

He's telling me all this yesterday and I'm just cracking up. The marriage ( obviously ) isn't recognised in the UK though.

Also T bought a new car and sold his second house before he went away, he made a shit load of cash from the sale and he's basically just given me his old car. He's like, " Yeah mate, just take it, but make sure you pick me up from hospital when I'm done!" He then tossed me the keys and I went to his house, picked it up and drove it home last night..

All good.

Nice motor actually, it's a Vauxhall Calibra 2.0 16v, it's kinda metallic blue with tinted windows, plus it goes like shit off a stick... All good.

Pretty little thing innit.

Wasn't really in the market for a car, but.. I ain't complaining. I've been kinda avoiding cars for a few years now, can't work out exactly why, something to do with the fact that I just hate traffic wardens. I once went for one in Ladbroke Grove after I"d explained that I was going upstairs to my flat for 2 secs to get my wallet and when I returned to the car the fucker had clamped it??? I must have been gone 2 mins top... Bastards!!!

Anyway, I went for the shopping in the new motor this morning and I'd kinda forgotten how nice and easy it made it all.

I feel liberated already,

OK, I'm off out for a run about in the warm weather.

Underwater, that's it, just underwater?



Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Oh dear!

Sooo: My mate T who I've know for years and is completely loop soup ( gawd love him) has just come back from a two month trip around Africa where he just happens to have picked up a wife ( don't ask, something about a fit arse and a tribal wedding??) But.. also a nasty case of Malaria which very nearly killed him last night, and if it hadn't been for his new wifes pin sharp diagnostic ( I guess you see a lot of Malaria in Africa ) it would have killed him, which would have absolutely devastated me.. Seemingly the ambulance crew had no idea what was wrong and it was only her persistent screaming at them which saved his life. Not good!

Well done that wife ( whoever the fuck you are!)

The doctors say that he should be OK though?

Hope so :0(

OK, so I'm off to Hammersmith hospital to visit him...


Monday, August 06, 2007

Mods and sods!!

Sooo, the band did a gig last night for Clash magazine with all the trendy Wendy's out in Hoxton, the East end.

Mad old venue it was too:

OK gig I suppose apart from the fact that: 1. I had to set the rig up by myself coz it was a dry hire

2. People in Hoxton think they're too bloody cool for their own good i.e. nobody gets into the gigs, they all just stand around like they're Gods gift to Andy bloody Warhol??

3. The bar manager kept coming over and telling me to turn it down... Again???

I'm getting sick to death of the fukin noise police, I've said it before but... who the fuck wants to go to a gig and listen to background fukin music. This country [England] is becoming such a nation of wet, cry babies that I'm actually starting to feel ashamed!!

Don't do this, you can't do that etc. etc. etc.

What the fuck is that about eh??

Seemingly there was a music festival in Bricklane as well yesterday and I overheard a couple of Canadians complaining ( at the tube station ) that although it was good, it was just too quiet??

Fukin noise Police!

Go the fuck away!!!

I digress

Anyway, yeah... good gig.

Got a free Baracuta G9 Jacket too. The band gets goodies all the time but...the poor little sound engineer always gets left out; so I was kinda chuffed about that.

Thanks lads!!

Check out the mods that came to the gig... Cool as!

It's all gone a bit Quadrophenia mate!

Beautiful weather we had all weekend as well.

Her what is Beautiful was in Liverpool all weekend so I ain't seen her, but I'm sure well catch up soon... Bless!

Sooo: I'm off around my mate J's ( call girl and soon to be madam ) in a min, she's setting up a escort agency and she wants me to help her with the website. Should be fun I guess.

She's like: " Yeah come round, you know how to do all that shit and I got some weed and some wine and a gram of charlie !!"

For fuck's sake, it's like, Monday bloody Morning luv???

Anyway... I'm out the door.

Sorry for the lack of postings lately, but I'm a little busy this summer..

It's tobacco... Tuff!!

It's a crazy ole world.