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Monday, August 13, 2007

Speed painting

So I finally finished all the artwork and got all the tunes together for the Label compilation. It's all been sent off to be manufactured ( it seems to have taken forever )

This Weekend is a biggie with 2 V festivals and a Beautiful days festival to do all in two days ( expect we'll come back a little worse for wear ) I've also volunteered ( stupidly) to do an all night painting party at the club bar on Wed night; bad for two reasons.
  1. I have a lot of shit to do Thurs and..
  2. I fukin hate painting with a vengeance ( something to do with being forced to do it as a child??)
Sooo, I'm gonna desperately try and talk my way out of it tomorrow.

I haven't seen newspaper gwirly for a few days now. I just ain't had the time and, to be honest, I've been enjoying the new motor far too much to be anything other then a narcissistic speed freak adrenalin junkie ( typical bloke eh!)

I donno: Bloke + Pocket rocket= Woohoo... let's go!!

I'm already looking at nitrous oxide kits ( cheaper than cocaine eh! ) .

Oh dear!!!

Probably a good way to go eh?

Late night drives to the country in search of the ultimate in long & windy roads = Bliss!

Oh did I mention I used to race motorbikes??

Took a drive out to Richmond park today ( for the above reasons )

Very pretty

Have vision of returning with car + girl + wicker picnic hamper.

Don't worry I'll drive safely with girl in tow. ( wouldn't want to mess up the sandwiches now would we? )


I'm addicted to House MD, he just kinda reminds me of me in a lot of ways??

Homeless American's study.

Online etch-a-sketch??

I fukin love this, reminds me of being 18 again ( and why I was first turned on by music creation) . Glitches a bit, but saves you shelling out £900 for the real deal.



Blogger Jo said...

I know the temptation is there to add nitrous oxide kits and the like to your car.

Please, from a girl who often shakes her head in 'oh dear' -ness whenever one drives past her, don't do it.

It does not impress :D

6:44 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Haa. It was meant as a joke


2:13 am  
Blogger roxyfoxy said...

so now you have a set of wheels get ya arse over here !lets do it.

2:19 am  

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