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Monday, June 30, 2008

Sooo, My sisters Husband is dying of stage 3 colonic mastized son of a bitch, motherfukin, spreading everywhere in his body, 1 year ( if he's lucky ) to live cancer, and I'm thinking 'Why them??

They discovered this last Friday.

There is no fucking god ruling this planet...and if there is, he's having a fucking laugh with us all.

She has four kids to look after.

I'm a very very fucking angry boy at the moment, so I'm listening to Kate Bush ( Arial ) to try and get myself in perspective.



Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Hey! my blog...completely forgot.

Enough already...I'm posting!

Sooo: What's been going on?

Well I've been here:

And done this ( not me or the band in any of these pics by the way )

And this:

And this:

And been here:

And here:

And seen this:
And played with this lot:

Etc. etc. etc. In other words...all over the chip shop.

Places either visited or passed through in the last few weeks; Brussels, Vienna, Warsaw, Krakow, Marseilles, Graz, Belgrade, Heathrow, Gatwick , Stansted etc. etc. etc.

And today I'm having a day off before returning to the venue tomorrow to finish an install.

Points of note over the last few weeks.

Finishing a gig at 12.30 and spending 2 hours sleeping in the hotel before going back to the airport for 4am for a 6am flight, throwing a strop cos I thought I'd lost my bank cards, finding my bank cards, flying to Brussels, then Vienna for a three hour drive up into the mountains into Graz and then playing at 3 am the following morning.

And you lot think this is all fukin glamorous and shit.

What else? The synth museum in Austria, lots of lovely knobs, sliders and assorted flashy things, right up my street. Shame JR made us speed around it a lightning pace coz he needed to go sit in his hotel room and smoke dope???? Well done, first prize, brilliant idea. Like we never get to see the inside of a fukin hotel room ever.

I will never forgive you.

Very happening place by the way Graz, lots of cool bars, restaurants, nightclubs inside mountains, arty shit and generally happening things happening. Well worth the visit.

+ We reckon if the flight home had crashed it would have taken out half the British dance acts and DJ's scene.

It didn't

Oh yeah reminds me of the other week when British Airways tried to feed a plane full of Roots Reggie Rasta's ( traveling as a band to the same venue as us ) bacon sandwiches for Breakfast..

"Bumberclot! take it away you stanky gwirl or I check you out of t plane window with yo boyfriend who look like a gwirl too, go on now and why I still smellin dat shit!? "

Next err: Getting sooo pissed in Serbia on a barge ( converted into a nightclub ) that I barely made it through airport security and I can't even remember the flight home. Something about plumb brandy if I remember rightly?

Finally: getting barred from my local pub for being naughty in the toilets. No biggie really, plenty more pubs where I live. Technically I don't know if I'm barred or not, but I'm guessing I am and I'm not going back in just for a certain tosser behind the bars personal satisfaction of turfing me back out again.

He knows who he is the hyprocrytical, pug faced, Lirish ( London Irish ) tampon brained twat!!

Nuff said.

And that's that really. Busy busy bee.

Right I'm out the door to find a new local

I'll post as and when I get time and/or something interesting actually happens.