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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Mean green Congestion machine??

Sooo: My mate T was loads better last night. Went to see him in the new motor. All good.

Anyway coz I ain't had a car for a few years:

Two things that have changed on London roads that piss me right off!
  1. Speed cameras ( fukin everywhere) And I mean fukin everywhere, it's like, totally ridiculous. Err stealth tax alert!! They're revenue generators and have bollocks all to do with road safety, it completely obvious coz of the way they're hidden ( behind trees, at the back end of blind corners etc. etc. etc. ) It's funny to watch the traffic kinda concertinaing down the road to avoid getting flashed, that's gotta be good for road safety eh??
  2. That fukin congestion charge ( In West London) What the fuck is that about?? The traffic through Notting Hill, Ladbroke Grove etc. was never that bad, at least not compared to East London where it's totally ridiculous. I got zapped by it and had to pay £8. I was in the zone for 30 bloody meters between the Sainsbury's at the top of Ladbroke Grove and the next roundabout down, no warning, no signs, no nothing?? I didn't even know about it till I was over the fukin red circle telling me I was in the Zone? "OK," I thought, now I'm having to pay for it, I might as well have a drive around to have a look, and I'm not being funny but The Grove, Notting hill and Portobello areas are like a ghost town. It must be killing the local business stone dead. And all for what: So Ken Livingstone can make a bit of extra fukin cash?? That bloke needs to go.. badly!! I can see him in his little office thinking: " Yeah OK, West Londoners all have a bit of money. Let's go after them!" Twat!! I mean it's all good pretending to be green and shit but I've got news for you Ken, London is a city, it needs road transport etc. to feed it's bloodlines. How the bloody hell you gonna transport goods to your shop on the fukin tube you doughnut??
So yeah, London roads have changed for the worst. We really are getting stealth taxed to fuck in this country, it's ridiculous.

Rant over.

Apart from that, I'm really enjoying flying about, expanding my carbon footprint and spewing CO2 everywhere. If I can't smoke down the pub, I might as well fuck the world up some other way.

Yey me!!

Note ( before you all start) : I don't believe at all the carbon footprint, greener than green bollocks we're being fed by the powers that be for one minute. It's rubbish! Note the: " We're greener than you so stop nicking our oil or well be over there in a shot!" Propaganda we're starting to be fed, mark my words, this will escalate as the oil runs out. Good job I/we won't be around to see it eh!

Right... I'm going to work!



Blogger Turtle said...

So wait...let me get this...
You guys actually get billed for driving through posh parts of town?

5:49 pm  
Blogger roxyfoxy said...

great post on point x

12:58 am  
Anonymous Bona said...

That bleeding 'carbon footprint' expression is getting on my fucking nerves

5:15 pm  

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