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Monday, August 06, 2007

Mods and sods!!

Sooo, the band did a gig last night for Clash magazine with all the trendy Wendy's out in Hoxton, the East end.

Mad old venue it was too:

OK gig I suppose apart from the fact that: 1. I had to set the rig up by myself coz it was a dry hire

2. People in Hoxton think they're too bloody cool for their own good i.e. nobody gets into the gigs, they all just stand around like they're Gods gift to Andy bloody Warhol??

3. The bar manager kept coming over and telling me to turn it down... Again???

I'm getting sick to death of the fukin noise police, I've said it before but... who the fuck wants to go to a gig and listen to background fukin music. This country [England] is becoming such a nation of wet, cry babies that I'm actually starting to feel ashamed!!

Don't do this, you can't do that etc. etc. etc.

What the fuck is that about eh??

Seemingly there was a music festival in Bricklane as well yesterday and I overheard a couple of Canadians complaining ( at the tube station ) that although it was good, it was just too quiet??

Fukin noise Police!

Go the fuck away!!!

I digress

Anyway, yeah... good gig.

Got a free Baracuta G9 Jacket too. The band gets goodies all the time but...the poor little sound engineer always gets left out; so I was kinda chuffed about that.

Thanks lads!!

Check out the mods that came to the gig... Cool as!

It's all gone a bit Quadrophenia mate!

Beautiful weather we had all weekend as well.

Her what is Beautiful was in Liverpool all weekend so I ain't seen her, but I'm sure well catch up soon... Bless!

Sooo: I'm off around my mate J's ( call girl and soon to be madam ) in a min, she's setting up a escort agency and she wants me to help her with the website. Should be fun I guess.

She's like: " Yeah come round, you know how to do all that shit and I got some weed and some wine and a gram of charlie !!"

For fuck's sake, it's like, Monday bloody Morning luv???

Anyway... I'm out the door.

Sorry for the lack of postings lately, but I'm a little busy this summer..

It's tobacco... Tuff!!

It's a crazy ole world.



Anonymous jamescoops said...

whats the problem with East London? Last time i went to Notting Hill it was full of middle aged people and teenagers called Casper and Leo. Yeah so there's some twats in East London but its got a great music scene and lots of creative energy - unlike the west.

2:47 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

I wasn't winging about it, mearly saying it was a bit overtrendy around Hoxton way that's all.


4:18 pm  
Blogger Turtle said...

I didn't realize Mods still rode around England! Great stuff!

2:01 pm  
Blogger doktored said...

Spend my life being told to turn it down. Especially at Festivals.

6:01 pm  

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