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Thursday, May 01, 2008

A ring thing

Sooo: I gave my mate a hand with his boxing night last night, putting up the ring, doing the lights, sorting all the mics out etc. etc. etc.

One thing I've learned though: Assembling a boxing ring with no experience and no instructions = No easy task!

If you thought your Ikea wardrobe and matching bedside cabinet was a pain in the arse to put together ...try one of these fuckers for size!

Took us all bloody afternoon, rather like building adult Meccano...for the brave.

It was always just about finished till you had to fit in the last damn piece. At 5pm we thought we had all the basics laid out when my mate J ( testing the springyness factor of the decking ) reached the middle of the ring and basically disappeared in a cloud of dust through the boards.

Not a good look really.

Oh well, rather him than one of the boxers.

6:30 it was all done, canvass on, ropes on, pads on, no major injuries, a few cut hands... jobs a goodun.

Set up all the lighting and mics, and by 7 we were done.

Turned out to be a wicked night though 6 three round fights , no real injuries, nobody died, everybody happy.

I tell you what though: Boxing when watched ringside is one hell of a tough sport, when you can see the pain in the boxers faces and actually hear the punches landing it's a whole different ball game. I mean, I dabbled in Thai boxing and had a couple of fights when I was a kid, but is wasn't anything compared to this shit.

Good stuff.

I was in charge of the bell too. Ding Ding seconds away and all that.

We took the ring down about 100 x faster then we'd put the damn thing up as well.

Got home around 12:30, had a couple of rum and cokes, watched a film, went to bed.

I'm doing a big install in the venue at the moment, we've decided to put another mixing desk and live set-up in the second 300 capacity room so we can accommodate smaller bands as opposed to the main 1000 capacity room which if you put on a band night and the bands just bring their 100 or so mates it'll appear to be a shit night.

Hopefully this will accommodate them.

And that's about the size of that for the moment, going to Poland next week for a gig. I'm filling in for a mate of mine on a one off thing, should be a good laugh.

Right, I'm off down the polling station to vote for the new Major of London, hopefully we can get rid of that Ken Livingston fucker who's basically making London grind to a halt.

Hopefully. We'll see?

I want this game



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