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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Bethere...I'm there mate!

Mr blog was 2 yesterday. Happy birthday Mr blog!!


I'm finally online again with a new ISP and I must admit it's one hell of a provider.

It's a 24meg DSL line and the download speeds are stupidly fast, it took like, 5mins to get the latest episode of 24.

They sent me this free wireless router ( pre configured) I plugged it in, it just went online, no probs at all.

Thoroughly recommended..

How nice, I can blog and upload pictures and use to send large files and log onto my Myspaces and I'm not waiting 20 secs for a simple page to load like I was on Virgin fukin broadband.

Mr Bransons empire now goes down on my top ten list of the shittiest companies I've ever dealt with.

I'd say at number four.

They even tried to charge me to disconnect from a service that never worked properly in the fukin first place?

Did I pay them?

Did I fuck!!

I told them I would just to get the Mac code (to migrate to another provider) and then transfered all my money out of my bills account and into one of my normal accounts, then sat back as the Virgin payment collection computer skimmed the bloody surface. Do not pass go, do not collect any money wotsoever... Ha!!

They've sent several letters, but as far as I'm concerned they can fukin beg!!

Take me to court, I don't care, I'll relish in it..

Shockingly bad!!

This is a company that are talking about putting people in space???

Fuck me!!

You know what, I'll actually be scared boarding one of their planes in the future if that's they way they run their internet shit...

Thanks Virgin, thanks for fukin nothing...

So what's been happening?

Well I pulled a lovely girl last night, very tall, very slim, very sexy. She came home with me and we rolled around drinking wine till 5am this morning. I put her in a cab and sent her home with a big smile on my face. I'm off on tour for a couple of weeks on Monday, so I guess we'll be hooking up when I get back.

All good.

Daft really, I've just got back online and now I'm going away. Still I'm taking my new camera with me so I'll have some nice pics when I return, and... I'll actually be able to upload the damn things?

What else? Labels going well, clubs going well, doing far too much gear and throwing as much alcohol down my neck as I can , but hey, what can you do?

Oh and by the way, while I remember...

This huge steel tin can will hopefully (in a few months), become a lovely shiny new spanking live band venue!

I'll keep you all posted...

OK... I'll try and post on the odd days I'm back in between tour dates, well see.

Anyway...I'm off out to get some food, I'm starved

Ha ha...fukin funny as!


Monday, March 19, 2007

Staying in? (Err noooo!)

Sooo, so much for staying in this weekend. I got a call from my mate J (girl) at around 7pm Sat night, she was having a party at her place just off Portobello Rd and after about 10mins of her convincing me to "Stop being such a miserable old git and get you arse over here!" I stopped being such a miserable old git and got my arse and went over there.

And I've just returned this afternoon!

Pretty good party actually, the usual shenanigans were had, lots of coke, lots of drink, lots of talking absolute shite. Pulled this fairly nice blonde girl and got a shag in the back bedroom, which I was kinda needing to take my mind off you know who and then bumped into a few mates I ain't seen for ages. So all good.

Still fed up tho.

Did I mention I was going on tour soon. Hold on, yeah I did in an earlier post.

Guess I won't mention it again then. Actually fuck it! I'm going on tour again soon.

So there.

Ok, enough already.

Right, my mate S is coming over tomorrow for couple of days with his writing partner, so we're gonna make a few tunes and see what come out. It's usually pretty productive though, we'll just have to wait and see..

Anyway, I'm gonna take a shower and have a shave, coz I feel really bloody feral after the weekend.

Then I'm gonna cook some food.


Saturday, March 17, 2007


Sooo, I finished up at work at 3am last night and then me and a bunch of co-workers decided to go to the 24 hour German sausage shop behind Fabric to drink beer, eat sausage and watch the dregs of clubland spill out into the reality of sausage mania.

Funny, we sat till like, 8 this morning talking shit ( and throwing chips ) to off your face clubbers who were stumbling home.

Can't even remember how I got home.

But now I have a bad head ( + I'm still miserable, thanks ! )

Anyhoo! I did this band last night who obviously hadn't gigged for a while coz the post performance dressing room banter was filled with yarns of yesteryears "How it used to be/ how it was" crap. Leave it out please, either live the life or rot in a corner thanks! You're dull.

I'm staying in this weekend with a large bottle of voddy and a skin full of misery. I'm just not in the mood ( or feel the need ) to socialise with the masses.

Tooo wrapped up in my own self pity thanks.

Gawd I need to cheer the fuck up.

But... Happy days are ahead, I go on tour for a week or so in April, so I'll be back on form doing what I do best, engineering bands and generally getting fucked up. Woohoo!

Bollocks, fuck it!


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Had enough of this shit!

Soo, I'm switching ISP from Virgin at the moment, I'm sooo sick of not been able to blog properly, or sign into anything, and fed up of seeing server time-out messages on my screen every five minutes.

Virgin is a shockingly bad ISP, but I suppose if they can't get their trains to run on time, then how the fuck are they supposed to get their internet servers to work properly?

You'll just have to bear with me till it's done..


Monday, March 12, 2007

CO2...That stuffs just evil man!!

Sooo. Monday morning and I'm just waiting for my mate JR to turn up so we can master (make loud) a couple of his new tunes. Couple of hours work for a big bag of weed, all good.

I've managed to finally crack the posting thing ( although I still can't upload photos?) It basically consists of hitting the publish button and then waiting around 10mins for it to work, not ideal, but better than a kick in the nads. It also means I can take in an episode of my new favorite show Shaun the sheep while I'm waiting, so it's all doable.

For anyone who's sick to death of the bullshit that links CO2 and climate change that's been flung in our faces by the press and the politicians and every other bloody doom merchant on planet Earth ( It really is a load of old bollocks!) Try watching this documentary , fascinating stuff indeed.

Point of note: CO2 is not a pollutant, never has been, never will be. The amount released naturally is like a million times more than released by little ole mankind, this is pretty basic chemistry stuff here people and that doesn't even compare to a good volcanic eruption

I tell you what, lets cut down all the trees and put big squishy corks in all the volcanoes and stuff: that'll reduce the carbon footprint!


Don't believe the shite we're fed, it all about selling newspapers to the gullible...


Sunday, March 11, 2007

Oh my god... he's posted something!

Sooo. I'm in the house and my internet has ground to a halt (again!) So I guess I'll blog this post off-line and try to post it later. Joy of joys...

What's been happening? Well I split with Sweedy gwirl a couple of weeks ago and, to be honest, I've been as miserable as fukin sin ever since. It was kind of one of those:

Me: "Why are we breaking up?"

Her: "Don't know really?"

Me:" OK lets go down the pub and have the best day we've had together by far and then I'll say goodbye and walk away, and I'll never see you again"

The type of breakup that seems to happen from time to time which I thought I'd be Ok with... but I'm not.

In fact I'm Far from OK.

I'm plain fukin miserable truth be told.

It reminded me of the time I had to have my pet rabbit (snoopy) put down at the vet. Wasn't that bothered about ole Snoopy till that day, then it suddenly became the best wabbit on earth.

Fear of loss I guess, who knows?

I got really pissed up the other night and sent her a stupid text?? I've had to delete her number so I can't/won't play the dickhead ex game, which, the way I'm feeling, would most definitely be on the cards....

But hey, guess I'll live.

Life marches on.

Or is that time?

O bollocks, who gives a fuck!

I have a busy week ahead, I'll try and do more posting. Haven't been feeling it of late, but I'm sure I'll get back in mood.


Superb fun (In a Stickman beat-em-up kid of way)


Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Virgin broadband:
  • No of blog posts I've been able to post in last 2 weeks (including this one) =2
  • No of blog posts that haven't published = 11
  • No of comments I've been able to reply to= 0
  • Average amount of time between posting and publishing ( whether it posts or goes tits up) = 3 min 8secs.
Working on it?



Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Customer service, not in my country!!

Sooo, I'm still here but it's only about 1% of the time that my Virgin broadband account will let me sign into my blogger page. If this actually gets posted I'll be lucky??

It's not that I don't wanna write, I just can't?

I'm in a standoff with Virgin at the moment coz I wanna get shot of the account, and they wanna make me pay to get disconnected ( on a service that's never worked properly in the fukin first place!!)

Poor show Virgin, real poor show...