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Monday, April 14, 2008

Tour de France

Sooo: I've just returned from France after a 10 day tour covering about 2500 miles via tour bus.

I'm knackered to say the least. Had a great time though and it was good to be back on tour with the band again.

We've been to Mirabel in the alps, to Bordeaux, to the Loire Valley and Paris and Brittany and all the other places in between. In other words half of bloody France.

I apologise for the crap pictures, my digi camera has gone tits up so these are from my phone camera (thanks Nikon...again!)

Anyway, we did gigs ranging from this:

To this 500 capacity venue in a converted French barn full of nutters:

To this...
The last pics are from the 6500 capacity Zenith venue in Paris, amazing gig , and probably one of the best sound systems ( D&B line array ) I've ever had the privilege of working on. Zenith by name... Zenith by nature.

Apart from the gigs we've had times of getting pissed in the sun all afternoon French style:

To hanging out at the seaside:

To Carp fishing on the band managers private lake ( I swear i'm in the wrong fukin job!! )

No real dramas to report... well apart from me getting pissed on 55% rum one night, and then getting completely lost on the way back to the hotel? The tour manager eventually had to come find me, staggering about in the middle of some rural French town square like some supremely intoxicated British dick-head...


It turned out I had directions to the hotel on a bit of paper in my bloody pocket all along.


Never mind, a good time was had by all I'm thinking.

Plus I brought back a few different bottles of Haut-Medoc AOC Bordeaux Chateau wine ( Arguably the worlds finest wine... I think so anyway ) So I'm kinda happy about that.

I'm off to B's tonight for dinner and I'm sure me and her will polish one off.

Sooo: Three days off now and then we all go back [To France] for more.

What next for band on tour?



Anonymous Liz said...

Good to read you again.

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