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Monday, August 20, 2007

Two V's and a B.

Sooo, back from the weekend....Suffering somewhat!!

Top gigs though, the band nailed all three. Friday at ( Err just check the wristband ) Oh yeah, Fri at Beautiful days was probably the best gig I've seen the band do. We went from having a few people sitting on the floor in front of the main stage to a heaving crowd by the fifth tune. Totally fukin rocked it! Nice sound system, fully spec'd front of house, big fukin toy box of FX to play with and no fukin noise police telling me to turn it down.

All good.

Plus we all got completely fucked after the gig on the ( seemingly ) endless rider of booze .

Left the festival at fuck knows what time, drove to the digs somewhere ( not sure where ) and managed to get about three or four hours sleep.

Ok, one gig down, two to go.

Gig two: V festival Stafford, Strongbow tent.

My least favorite of the weekends gig, band kicked it though, but...I wasn't allowed to play with the sound as much due to another fukin digital desk. I wish they'd stop installing these fukin things at festivals ( in fact I wish they just bloody stop making them! ) You really, really can't screw with the sound like you can on an analogue desk. I use this technique where you kinda feed delays ( repeating echoes ) back into themselves to get a self modulating huge endless echo, but doing this on a digital desk and you just get bollocks horrible digital distortion.


We were all a bit fucked from the night before but we still rocked it.

Got blasted back at some student digs after the gig. Completely trashed the kitchen and I seem to remember about ten of us doing the Hokey Cokey ( no shit ) at around 5am?

Got a bit more sleep, then it was back on the bus for gig three.

V festival two: Chelmsford, Strongbow cider house.

Another superb gig and a much better spec'd sound system then the previous day, plus no digital bloody desk to contend with. The band were extremely tight as well.

Funny...Half way through the gig this guy comes over and he's like: " Mate your gonna have to turn it down a bit, Pete Doherty can't hear himself properly on the main stage?!"

Me and the in-house sound engineer looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders and in complete unison announced: " Fuck Pete Doherty!!" and then just burst into fits off laughter.

The main stage guy stumbled off, tail between his legs.

Did it get turned down? Did it fuck!

Sorry and that Pete but...our band's actually good mate!

Bit silly putting the two stages right next to each other??

I mean look, they've gotta be only like, fifty meters apart? Stoopid idea!

Great gig though.

To be honest though, I'm not a great fan of the V festivals, I just find them a bit too commercial and they're really anal about the fukin security as well? It's the little things like your weekend VIP wristbands that won't actually get you into any of the fukin VIP bits coz they're the wrong bloody colour??? We had to get one of the organisers to come down to meet us and basically walk us past the security. I mean what's that about?

Really V people, get your shit together?

Anyway, I made it back in one piece so all good.

Feel a bit fucked though!

OK, enough of this, I'm off food shopping.



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

security are only anal cos cunts like me break in every year and run riot. fuck paying for v half the bands are bollocks.

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