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Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Virgin broadband:
  • No of blog posts I've been able to post in last 2 weeks (including this one) =2
  • No of blog posts that haven't published = 11
  • No of comments I've been able to reply to= 0
  • Average amount of time between posting and publishing ( whether it posts or goes tits up) = 3 min 8secs.
Working on it?




Blogger Bethanie Odd said...

it is nice to have you back, even if it is just rant about how you aren't really back but trying.

4:04 am  
Anonymous Mark said...

LCH, send these nice folks a message, they may be able to help. The site is American-centric but corporate idiocy is universal! Glad to see you back even intermittedly.

4:29 am  
Blogger Monkey said...

I thought it was blogger giving me trouble. Wordpress is looking awfully pretty at this point.

You are still loved, even in absentia.

3:08 pm  
Anonymous liz said...

Dear Mr. Cokehead!
I´m glad you´re still around. Please try and sort things out.
(You´ll find a way. I write my blog from netcafés.)

3:45 pm  
Blogger Ghostboy said...

Dude, we're suffering over here!! Yours is about the only other blog I read (other than mine which is fucking amazing).

2:21 am  

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