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Saturday, March 17, 2007


Sooo, I finished up at work at 3am last night and then me and a bunch of co-workers decided to go to the 24 hour German sausage shop behind Fabric to drink beer, eat sausage and watch the dregs of clubland spill out into the reality of sausage mania.

Funny, we sat till like, 8 this morning talking shit ( and throwing chips ) to off your face clubbers who were stumbling home.

Can't even remember how I got home.

But now I have a bad head ( + I'm still miserable, thanks ! )

Anyhoo! I did this band last night who obviously hadn't gigged for a while coz the post performance dressing room banter was filled with yarns of yesteryears "How it used to be/ how it was" crap. Leave it out please, either live the life or rot in a corner thanks! You're dull.

I'm staying in this weekend with a large bottle of voddy and a skin full of misery. I'm just not in the mood ( or feel the need ) to socialise with the masses.

Tooo wrapped up in my own self pity thanks.

Gawd I need to cheer the fuck up.

But... Happy days are ahead, I go on tour for a week or so in April, so I'll be back on form doing what I do best, engineering bands and generally getting fucked up. Woohoo!

Bollocks, fuck it!



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