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Thursday, December 06, 2007

On my [watery] soap box.

Sooo: Been well busy this week, run up to Christmas and all that.

Did a very interesting gig the other night. Some ex soap star doing the rounds with his band?

I don't think that I've ever worked such a manically busy night, the venue was sooo mobbed that it was actually a chore getting from the mixing desk to the stage and back again. This bloke had women chucking knickers at him and everything ( literally? )

Not bad for what was basically a jumped up karaoke set of other peoples tunes?

All sung pretty badly as well to be honest.

Had some idiot trying to get the drumsticks from the stage hassling the fuck out of me as I was de-rigging the venue.

Complete pain in the arse he was too.

Note to that person: Why the fuck would you want the broken drumsticks from the drummer of some has-been soap stars band??? I mean Radiohead or Floyd yeah but...soap star bods backing band??

Really... get a life?

Also some chick asking me for a bottle of water so I passed her a full one from an on-stage pack lingering in the wings.

" Nooo! " She screams.

"I want that one!!" Pointing to a half empty, soap star infested, beaten up bottle of Volvic ?

I chucked it at her.

I really thought she was gonna cum right there and then as she scuttled off in soapy infested Volvic bliss??

Same applies: Get a life pet?

The meet and greet afterwards lasted till 1:30am??

I had to wait till it was over to shut the venue down.

Naturally I just got pissed at the bar and waited.

Got soap star guy to sigh me a poster for the sound booth wall saying: Thanks ........ I love you, I've always loved you!"



Rolfmunster 'o' gram!!


Christmas, it all just goes tits up don't it?

Bibi's taking me for dinner tonight... all good.


Ha ha.. Northern telemarketing man fights back.



Blogger Turtle said...

So have you and Bibi talked anymore about that event, then? Or just putting it past?

3:13 pm  
Blogger Turtle said...

Sad thing is, all those bits of drumstick and half drunk bottles of water are going to go on some sort of candle lit altar in homage to a has been soap star. Either that or the chick is going to use the stuff as a 'personal connection' when she does what girls do while thinking about him.

3:15 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nah - they'll end up on ebay.

12:35 am  
Anonymous Veronica said...

OMG! I accidentally fell into your web! What an awesome blog! You are brilliant! How does one send a private message to you?


1:41 am  
Blogger london cokehead said...

No turtle, we've talked about it.

She was stressed about her new job, and I was the punch bag.


4:26 am  
Blogger london cokehead said...

One would email me Veronica:

4:26 am  
Blogger Liz said...

Please tell us about your weekend, Mr Cokehead!

2:46 pm  
Anonymous you're a hypocrite said...

You work in grotty venues, write a blog called 'londoncokehead', and you're telling these people to get a life?

Note the correct use of a question mark, shitforbrains.

6:25 pm  

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