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Monday, November 12, 2007

Bad Mac... Good Mac!

Sooo: for the first time in five years my Mac ( or one of them ) went down so hard that I had to get the OS disks out and do a full reinstall. Totally my fault as I pulled it's plug to plug the vacuum cleaner in as it was doing a software update.

But... Being a Mac, it reinstalled the software exactly to the point where I'd fucked it. No new configurations, no lost software, no reinstalling anything extra, just a bit of a software update that took care of itself on-line. It looks exactly as it did. What a superb bit of kit eh!

Only prob was that I couldn't find my OSX disks yesterday and so had to borrow some today.

Spent yesterday down the pub instead.

What else? Oh yes I've agreed to meet Bibi for a drink tonight. I've been ignoring her since that fateful night in her kitchen and I really don't think she likes being ignored. Especially when she drove past me at the pub the other day (I was stood outside having a cigarette ) beeped the horn, waved and I didn't even respond.

I'd just kinda erased her to self preserve myself. You get good at that sort of thing as you get older.

It'll be nice to say hello again... the dogs!

I'll hear what she's gotta say though, it'll maybe stop me hating her stupidity for buggering up a pretty great relationship?


Well see... said the blind man!

Wow, we really did turn up in our thousands to buy the UK released iphone . Tell you what the problem is Apple: O2 as a network carrier with 2G internet coverage in only 30% of the UK... completely sucks!!!

Danger alert! This is the sickest most twisted web site I have ever seen, seriously... Don't view this at work ever!

Right, I'm gonna catch up on a bit of work.



Blogger Turtle said...

So is an apology from her going to cut it NOW? Don't forget the drama, pal.
And did you get any word back on those speakers you sent out to the manufacturer?

6:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that is a disgusting video clip !!

6:29 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Innit, you were warned.

Turtle: Apology; Na not really, just if I don't speak to her a lot of her mates won't speak to me. Keep your enemies close and all that mate.

The speaker people told me to sack the DJ... lol

6:43 pm  
Blogger Lippy said...

I'm really old and I find all this trendy blanking people incredibly sad. Gay guy was telling me how he met his ex (7 year relationship) accidentally in the street and the guy just raised a hand and walked past....well, how rude, I wouldn't just raise my hand and walk past the guy I used to sit by at school never mind someone I lived with for 7 years....but as I said I'm terribly old.

7:29 pm  
Blogger Jo said...

Ah give her a chance. Us girls all have a spazz out sesh now and then. Ignoring her for a bit woulda put the frighteners on her anyway.

Plus you evidently still like the girl rather a lot, in my opinion ;)

2:47 pm  
Blogger Nobody Girl said...

Yep, us girls are prone to the odd flip out, I think it's good you're giving her the chance to explain herself. And hey, if nothing else the dogs will be happy to see you...

4:12 pm  

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