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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Chat with an ex girlfriend

there you go babe, easy peezy xx
lemony squeezy
good girl
How cool is that eh
wots a jabber client do?
it just like give you a specific box where we can type super fast, but I guess you've already found one ? Kinda like MSN

my fingers are fast
I'm sure they are dear... I'm sure they are x
Sooo, anyway you cleaned up you're wine yet
sort off - licked it off
Oh dear.. oh dear indeedy
still got a full glass tho..
Got a botle full myself, but hey what can you do
Botle, what the fuck is a botle
dunno but its obviously good stuff
Yeah, no shit. Need a wee back soon x
thanks for sharing that wiv me
No worries, I'm always on my puter by the way, I get my TV and watch films and chat and work all at the same time. Tiz the way forward you know.
you were always a good multi-tasker
Ha, you know, it's nice being back in touch with you again pet
likewise - quite frankly i think its fuckin great xx
Yeah no shit, shame you've come up in a kinda grey and I look pink on this chat thing?
wot ya mean - as in the font colour?
Yeah, changed it, you,re a kinda pink color know and I'm a green.
I digress
So much fun though eh, you new to this K
to gmail yea
tiz fun though, just when you thought you were going to bed
tiz fun yup
Sooo I'm watching American gangster as I chat good film
can't say i've seen it...god its freezing up here....
you need to be cuddled to sleep?
at the moment i can't even get into my bed - the dog is lay on the dog across the pillows!
kick the bugger off?
lay on the dog - good stuff this vino
no shit
think i have a problem
Whtat's that then?
red wine
I should learn to spell, great for your typing skills eh?
i did my rsa typing and gcse typing and got a B in English Lit and Lang at GCSE so suck that
Would love to babe believe me
why don't people understand u in london?
Long story mate.. long story
how come u not met a chick then?
Met loads, ongoing fukin saga. Same could be said bout you?
can't find anything that "gets me" if that makes sense
I hear you...totally x
my last playmate told me i scared him??? needless to say he got sacked a few weeks ago...
Wot where you like, his boss
no no, he just didn't get me at all - no one does
I actually do, or at least I used to
sounds like ya still do
I dunno, I'd like to think so
just popping downstairs to top my glass up.........
Good girl
I'm sure if given the chance I could top your glass up
wish ya wud
Well ya know, that was fast
Oh and by the way... I will
bottle was already out and opened
No comment... really

OH dear... dear
so u never play up here then?
Never, not after my parent deaths. Nothing there for me
Oh ok nothing recently
real shame but... what can you do
whatever you want to do
When you In London nxt?
not sure - nothing booked at the mo
Well get booked for fucks sake
good ansa
You know that
i am sat here smiling, shaking my head saying to myself - "shit he knows me too well"
Yeah but, I kinda wanna see you , it's been too long
farr too long
me too mate - i go to london with this job for training and stuff so i'll a look at what they have got in london asap
Training, listen we both need some bloody training
Well you do
lol ;
Giz a snog K
can't believe i was i london loads literally every 2 weeks from Feb to July this year
Stuff I don't wanna know 101
just saying
give ya more than a snog
Sure you will, like what? Sorry loaded question
don't apologise - lets me frank
be fank - urrrhh
bit pissed
ha ha ha ha ha !!!
fuck off
Still funny
so NOt
Tis soooo
you're making me laugh right now
Who's frank anyway
Let's me frank onyour yourz ass
I'm doin it now
sounds good
u r making me laugh now
I learned it in the jhunglz
ha ha ha ha
Ha ha you fukin self

Oh dear, what can you do
fuck me?
Love to
Norally I would
I wish I could spell right now
so do i
Wines working
r u finding this as amusing as me or is that just me??
Me too, believe me
spot on
Oh fun to be had
plenty of fun - where were we?
Donno, like right here. I was telling you how much I want you right now.. I think
sounds lovely
Oh it soowould ( will ) be
it will
can i ask u a question?
go ahead
Tiz big question yes
when we used to hook up together for sex - did you actually find me as a person interesting or was it just for sex? - be honest
both, I always cared for you K
correct ansa
YOu've always, always been on my mind to be honest... always still after all these years
I remember the firs time I met you and everything
Ahhh - fuck - i was just typing the same thing?? how spooky is that??
V sppoky
Me too - thanks to Charlotte and Kiddy
thats how we met
My parent front room, you stayed over
I snogged you
yup but charlotte (who was seeing kiddy at the time) persuaded me to come over to yours and meet you
you did snog me - and very nice it was too
And I remember that you like long wet hair, and sweaty sex, and all manor of things about you
And I remember the toe job to
u remember your mum walking in when i was under the covers sucking your cock
I'd forgotten that, but know I remember Ha
happy days
Happy days K happy days
I fell sad now
Feel sad
Don't - if it wasn't for that we wouldn't be here now like this
Guess so, but I still miss my parents
i can half relate to that - they are still wiv u - don't be sad. its not shit up there
I remember coming to leeds and having sex with you and it lasted like a minute coz you're mate was in the room
going to the loo again
it was manchester actually! u arrived early and ended up in her neighbours house
Did to, was it Manchester I'm sorry
thats ok!
Thanks x
u is welcome x
I remember that you introduced me to Wez montgomery too, still a fan
yea and you never gave me the tape back!!!!
shall i have another glass?
Ha ha ha... Ooops! Now I know what to give you for Chrimbo
Plaease do
i'd rather have something else.........
I know but You're there I'm here
i''ll order a cab
Ok, let yourself in
can't wait to c u
Good... me too to be honest
d'ya think we''ll recognise each other?
doesn't look like i'm going to the office tomorrow for 8am does it???
Donno, you think you'll be disapointed when you do?
You should go to bed
hell no
Hope not
fuck it - the wonders of laptops and mobile phones - i'll work from home first thing
If I was there, you wouldn't be gettig out of bed luv... all day
if you were here i wouldn't want to be getting out of bed
the whole week
good answer
thats the clean version
I wouldn't mind at all dear.. really
i know that! when was the last time u had a fuck?
What a fuck, or made love
wots the difference?
There's a big difference kid
wots ya ansa then to either?
3 weeks. I dunno. you?
is that a fuck or made love?
Fuck, I ain't made love for like, five years
Long time.
How long
4 weeks for a fuck, the other years ago if you say there is a difference. don't even think i've ever been in love mate
Oh cm'on
What's you definition of then K?
Of being in Love K
Dunno - suppose when someone just gets me totally and i totally get them. I honestly don't feel that I've ever loved any bloke - even the ones i've been with for years
OH shame, I was in love once. Didn't know it at the time tho
All ended in tears
Na not really, it reads like i've been sad but not at all.
YOu asked the question
Oh Ok, it was when my parents died and I couldn't handle it. American Girl Sara West
I loved her. really I did
What happened?
I just imploded
Talk to me
I am
So where and what is she doing now?
Don't know K, probably keeping away from me
Maybe wasn't meant to be?
Things happen for a reason
I have a vision of you sat there feeling sad now - c'mon chin up mate
Seemingly, can we change the subject please
Of course
well done
what ya up to tomorrow?
I'm going to Brighton for a gig
oh yea - sorry!
you wanna read about it :
will do
Part 2 if you wanna know
PAt tense though eh?
Past tense
just read the first bit
Mt whole lifes in there K if you wanna know
Not about drugs tho, that's just the title
Going to bed
i don't understand why it went so wrong when your mum died? surely if it was love it would have been ok?
Seemingly ,,, not so]
i know this is going to sound harsh but when you go throw stuff like that you just have to learn and move on
i learned so much from it though K
well thats good
LIke, remember peole who meant a lot to you and you fucked them off
c'mon we all learn from our experiences - thats life
YOu fall into that catagorie
which one?
u never fucked me off??
I know, I know I wanna see you again tho K I really do
me too and we will, we just still click don't we?
I guess we do
we do
We do
don't ever be sad bill - i'm here for ya
Are you ?
always x
going to the loo
when you're young, you really don't see ahts
Waht's right in front of you
Can't even spell now
spandau hit
Funnt how it seems
it is
hey c'mon your soul has great depths
So true
Funny how it seems
Always in time, but never in line for dreams
Head over heels,when toe to toe
This is the sound of my soul
This is the sound
I bought a ticket to the world
But now Ive come back again
Why do I find it hard to write the next line
When I want the truth to be said
I know this much is true
With a thrill in my head an a pill on my tongue
Dissolve the nerves that have just begun
Listening to marvin all night long
This is the sound of my soul
This is the sound
Always slipping from my hands
Sands a time of ts own
Take your seaside arms and write the next line
Oh I want the truth to be known
Did I tell you I rule
A ha

yeah well
wot time ya hitting the sack?
u r gonna keep intouch aren't u?
About now probably, wish you were here, could do with a bit of spooning action right now
Soon eh
Absolutely definately. U r always welcome up here too ya know x can't promise you'll see much apart from my bed but hey..............
All I want
u can have
love you K always have, always will
gt'night xxx
wish you was fuckin here, i could just chat with you all ya too. gnite xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
speak soon eh
hope so xxxx you've got my email, numnber etc - just call if you wanna chat. xxxx
Love u x
go 2 bed
i am xxx
I'll be back monday 8 pm let's chat again
Please - if you want to catch up over weekend just txt me. Right I'm going to bed now - take care x


Blogger Turtle said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

9:24 pm  
Blogger Turtle said...

Wow. I feel ashamed for having eavesdropped that convo.

9:25 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

No probs, it's from an old flame who recently got in touch on facebook, haven't seen her for 10 years. I guess a meeting is on the cards eh?

3:13 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nothing more real than reading back an msn conversation.

11:07 am  
Blogger london cokehead said...

You know that.

3:49 pm  

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