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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bibi Socks

Where do all the socks go? No really where do they go? Never mind the tooth fairy, there's a fukin sock fairy who comes in the middle of the night and has all your socks.... Complete fukin mystery?

Soooo: Met with Bibi the other night for a drink. Kinda went OK, she apologised profusely for being such a dick and basically put it down to the fact that 1. She was pissed ( she was ) 2. She was starting this new advertising executive job and they'd dropped her right in the shit without giving sufficient background on the company ( so she was uber stressed ) and 3. She was tired from above said job.

She gonna take me for Sunday Lunch, so I guess well take it from there.

Trouble is though: I'm not sure how much I fancy her anymore after that little episode.

It's really put me off.

In my experience that shit can get worse and not better. But I guess she knows what happens when I'm confronted with that level of grief.

Three strikes and you're out 'n' all that...

We'll see?

Anyway: I'm off to Brighton for a gig tomorrow so that should be a laugh.

Interesting article on re-cycling: I've always wondered that if we can put man on the moon ( debatable) then why the hell can't we invent a machine that separates glass from plastic from paper and save on all the extra bin bags and extra rubbish collections ( when they can actually be bothered , my recycle tub has been sat there for two months??? ) and all the extra hag of recycling? Our local council is about to start charging for the extra pick-ups. Which begs the question: " What the fuck am I paying council tax for? New street lamp bulbs ??

Typical teachers eh. I once got kicked out of class when the teacher told us that the word 'and' can never be used to start a sentence. I piped up: " And is a word therefore that can never be used to start a sentence?" And got kicked out for my trouble. Stoopid teachers eh!




Anonymous Liz said...

I dream that one day before I die I'll get back all my pairless socks, pens, eye-liners and hairgrips in huge boxes.
They must be SOMEWHERE...

5:19 pm  
Blogger Turtle said...

Here's my preditction: if you and bibi give it a go for a while, it's not going to be on equal footing anymore because she feels like she's got something huge to make up for, which puts you in a superior position. She will come to resent that and it will increase her stress in that area too(which now encompasses 100% of her daily life when you factor in work). You'll be waiting for the shoe to drop again, and won't be able to enjoy the relationship, and then you'll both end up here again, but a bit worse for wear.

Recycling: I think it's a great idea. However the boom in the 'recycling' industry is still relatively young, and we're still trying to figure out the best way to manage it. But I don't believe for a second that we'll ever "destroy" this planet. We will do a bang up job of making our own living environment toxic, kill many species, maybe our own too. But the planet will outlast us all. It will evovle in new species and absorb the damage we leave behind. At least until the sun implodes (which, by the way, is where all the missing pairs end up).

6:37 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

I'm right then... the sun is powered by socks.

Always knew it, always!

Yep your right bout the Bibi thing. Why did she have to go do a thing like that eh?

6:42 pm  

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