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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ask a silly question.

Email thread about a band night from a girl who obviously gets very excited about the whole promoting thing:

1st email ( that was sent for me to sort the stage out ) :

Thanks. Great, how many mics do you have? Just so I know if
I need to start buying some before my next show. If need be I can
always hire the amps myself....

2nd email ( from me ):

About ten vocals mics + extra inst and drum mics

3rd Mail ( her response )

Ten mics, wow seriously impressive! I wouldn't normally need more
than 4 or 5 mics. I like the artists to do a stripped down version
of their sets so even the bands/groups only tend to send a
delegation as oppose to the whole percussion, brass section
etc :-) No seriously I try to make sure the events stick as
strictly to the 'Acoustic' label as possible so that's normally no
more than the artist(s) a keyboard (usually provided by artist
etc), a hand drum, or a guitar and if absolutely necessary for the
act, a backing track as well. I also have a guest DJ for each
event. I think that's it really. Would it be too premature to
book an evening in March 2008 as long as I pay the deposit in
January? I was thinking to get in there early for Friday 14th
March, a week before the Easter celebrations, as I'm sure you'll be
booked up then. That makes it easier to book artists as well, when
they know when exactly they'll be needed. If it's too early I'll
probably send you a text/email reminder just after the New Year
comes upon us.

4th email ( via third party from me )

Far too much info from that bird mate? Ask her what is the most mics she's gonna need on stage at any one time: and we can work back from there k thx

5th email ( responce to above)

Kinda like:

Bryan used to play guitar, but he may also bring a flute on the night, but if he comes with Cindy he may bring a piano and if Cindy is still going out with Harry he may bring a violin coz they love to have sex and play duet with Bryan, no wait, but.. Brian's going out with Nancy who plays drums with Kev bacause Kev has a knee injury after a gay affair with Phil and... etc. etc. etc.

No... but Like, seriously? How many fukin mics do you actually need on stage pet??


Good job that bird ain't a CEO eh?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know a bird like that who is a CEO. Oddly enough, the company's rapidly going down the pan.

8:27 am  
Blogger Turtle said...

she must be really cute to get by on those kinds of skills.

2:01 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

No shit m8

2:06 pm  

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