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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Brighton acrobatics

Sooo: The Brighton gig went pretty well, good gig, no dramas. we tested out a new brass section and they sounded pretty excellent to be honest, made a lot of impact stagewise too. Sat getting drunk all the way home on the ( rather plush ) tour bus, not bad for the last gig of the year. Next year seems to be coming along nicely as well, talk of quite a few gigs in France at the start of the year and various other stuff drifting in. Should be another busy year. Can't complain, loving it.

What else? Not a lot really, Bibi's taking me for Sunday Lunch at one of best places for lunch ( seemingly ) in Richmond down by the river.

She's trying her best... bless.

And for anyone who's wondering what the fuck the last post was about? It was from an old flame who recently got back in touch with me via Facebook. We kinda lost touch when I moved to London years ago, bit of a childhood sweetheart. Suprised she's still single truth be told, although quite a few of my generation have remained single? I guess growing up in the middle of the rave scene taught us all that there really was more to life then 2.5 kids, a 9 to 5 and a mortgage??


I guess a meeting is on the cards then eh?


Does anyone else think the new Guinness add is basically not that good an idea with a shit load of money chucked at it?? Coz I do! I actually worked on the sound design of the Horses add when I was doing the advertising thing ( Although I still to this day reckon the version where the beat kicks in was ten times better, but you'll never get to see that one? Whadda add people know eh? )

Also at the time I wanted to recreate the Leftfield song that they used ( basically it would have taken me five minutes ) and take the £70,000 for ourselves but the guy I was working with didn't wanna get sued? Sued for what exactly? A track that Leftfield had already ripped off some obscure German techno artist anyway??? Some people eh? If he'd kept his mouth shut, nobody would've been any the wiser coz the Leftfield track hadn't even been released and they had no idea we actually had a copy ( It was acquired from their mangers office via the Christmas party ) ?


World war 2 computer working again... Yeah but the government really should be updating by now?

Amazing acrobatics

Going to work



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