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Monday, December 03, 2007's here again?

Sooo: Sorry haven't writing lately, been a wee bit busy what with all the Christmas parties and wot not starting up. Busy week this week too, couple of parties, couple of band nights etc.etc. etc.

Stayed at Bibi's all weekend, the usual talking, shagging, walking the dogs, having Sunday Lunch. She's been nothing but nice to me since our little falling out and subsequent chat. No hissy fits, no moodiness. All good in that department.

Time will tell though?

Last week was the usual assortment of mediocre bands and not that busy club nights. Funny how the start of December is always dead and then the last 2 weeks before Christmas day go absolutely bonkers. I guess everybody is trying to save money for the big financially crippling let down that is Christmas and New Year.

Really really can't be bothered with the whole thing this year and , to be honest, I'd rather it was over and out of the way.

I'm actually gonna work New Years eve, I rather make a few hundred quid then spend a whole lot more.

What else? Oh yeah, my car failed it's MOT last week...miserably? And all on stupid little things that won't be cheap to fix i.e. little bit of fluid leaking on suspension = new fukin suspension? Tiny leak in the exhaust = new fukin exhaust? ABS light coming on under heavy braking = new ABS system, minute crack in the Number plate = new bloody number plate etc. etc. etc.

Not what you need around Christmas to be honest.

Oh well!

Nothing a few trips to eBay and a spanner won't fix. I kinda like a bit of a challange as well sooo....

And that's that.

Evil Knievel Dead???

For anyone wondering what exactly Emma Clark ( the voice of London Underground ) actually said to get herself sacked. Here is the full list...brilliant.



Blogger Turtle said...

Mind you, Emma very well may begin a new career thanks to the publicity.

5:59 pm  

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