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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mandarin madness

Sooo: Last night I got roped into doing a Chinese/Japanese/Someotherbuggerese talent showcase for my mate D ( on account that he's dying in bed with much the same sort of food poisoning/stomach bug that I had last week? )

He told me about this thing and I'm like: " Mate, a what...really, fuck off, do I have to? Oh... OK then, just coz your ill"

I'm sooo glad I did though.

Talk about being moved to tears (literally) behind the mixing desk.

Sooo fukin funny.

Apart from the usual terrible versions of Japanese pop songs ( What is it with Japanese screeching power ballads eh? They really do reach extraordinary heights of walling shiteness? )
it turned out to be a legendary evening.

The highlights included:

The Simon and Chibunkle version of ' Widge over woubled water' ( I will way thee drown? )

Won't wop me wow ( I'm hawing much a wood twine... I'm waving a wall )/ We will we will wok you. By Qween

The Spice (rice) girls rendition of twooo become won.

And my personal ( all time favorite ) version of Oasis 'Wonderwall' into Pink Floyds 'Wish you were here' Medley accompanied by ( badly played ) piano and (out of tune) classical guitar.

Totally fukin laughed my pants off.

Easily a youtube 100,000 hitter.

OMG I sooo wished you were there.

Fukin hilarious... In the extreme.

Half way through I've got some girl screaming at me in Chinese to turn her up in the monitor. I knew exactly what she wanted, but...because I don't actually speak any kind of Mandarin... I just played ignorant till she got it into her little head to actually ask me in English?

Five minutes and a little school girl giggling fit (to herself) later...she got what she wanted?

The night finished about 9pm ( I'm sure these people don't have the ability to party past 10pm) , I packed up the stage, shut up ( the technical side ) of the venue and returned home on the tube still inwardly pissing myself with laughter.

I sooo wish I'd had the means to record the whole thing. It would've made a brilliant podcast.

Never mind eh.

Next time though, if D asks me to engineer one of those nights again: I'm jumping at the chance.


Free and uneasy



Anonymous Liz said...

cats underpants..? I want the Hungarian—English Thesaurus of Slang for Christmas. Online dictionaries are crap.:(

5:21 pm  

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