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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Haw haw haaawwww!!!

Sooo, I av returne-vous from gay Pareee!! ( Back from Paris )

You know what? It's wrong what we say about Parisians being downright arrogant fuckers...

They're sooo not!

At all!

When you actually go and work with them they're nothing but nice to you...period!

The French being total wanker arrogant dick-heads is a complete fabrication on behalf of our beloved tabloid press.

Thanks for that!!

Give em a chance...make up your own may just be suprised.

I digress

Anyway... We arrived via Eurostar Sunday ( or was it Monday? ) and were picked up from the train station and driven to TV land through the streets of gay Paris. TV is a funny old machine, lots of waiting around for fuck all to happen then 40 mins of action in front ( and behind ) of the cameras.

Ok sooo.. we did a rehearsal at around 3:30 which went flawlessly, then sat around waiting for the actual gig to happen.

Doing sound for TV is weird, it kinda works like this: You have your normal live sound set-up which consists of 1 mixing desk for the bands monitors and 1 mixing desk for the FOH ( front of house ) that controls what the audience hears:

Plus there's another mixing desk outside of the TV studio in an OB ( outside broadcast ) van, which is basically an arctic lorry converted into a recording studio where the band are mixed to picture ( the sound that's to be broadcast )

This is where I was living for the day coz I was only really interested in the final production sound for the band:
I sooo want the OB van guys job. He basically comes in, mixes 1 band a day for an hour or so and then goes home ( half the time somebody else is mixing the bands for him?) How much does he earn for all that hard work?

A fukin 1000 euros a sodding day????

That's like, a top of the range BMW and a nice apartment in Paris for doing fuck all in a job I could do blindfolded with one hand tied behind my back?


Gimme now!!!

I digress ( again)

OK sooo the band were on-stage at around 8:30 for a six song set, again... a flawless performance; not a note out of fukin place.

Well done that band.

It was nice to be able to actually watch the band on-screen instead of miles away in a FOH tower at some festival.

All good.

Afterwards we were driven back into the centre of Paris to our hotel; right in the centre of the red light district.

Haw haw haaaawwww!!

We had a walk around, then went and chilled in a very French bar till around 12am.

Again...the bar-staff were nothing but nice to us.

Parisians are all arrogant wankers? I don't fukin think so!

Yesterday morning it was back on the Eurostar, back to England and back to Bibi's nice warm bed.

All very good.

That was that really, no hassle, no fighting, no tantrums... just TV fun.

And that brings us to the end of a fukin amazing summer of gigs.

What a summer it was too.

We have around five weeks off now to do what the fuck we want and then a few gigs in November to round off the year ( one in Istanbul as well )

I think it's about time I returned to my club to take stock and kick some ass.

They've had a mad summer too by the sounds of it, 1800 people regularly for the whole of the summer season.

All double good.

Right I'm out the door to go and see Bibi gwirl.

Oh dear... wtf!!

Squirrels rock




Blogger deep said...

mange tout rodney, mange tout....

11:42 am  
Blogger london cokehead said...


4:19 pm  
Blogger AgentOrange said...

Seeing as how you we talking about gear, French people, and you wanted comments.... i was wondering what you thought about this setup.

I went to see this show in los angeles.......Unreal!

They played the O2 wireless this year.....did you catch it?

10:57 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Nice set-up.

I haven't seen DP play in years, I rarely go to see live bands as I find it a bit of a bus-mans holiday to be honest.

11:02 pm  

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