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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Return to Bibi.

Sooo. I spent another night with Bibi, what can I say, she's kinda gorgeous, we kiss like we're 16 year olds... for hours on end ( literally ) .

She was in the other pub having a drink again and we hooked up.. again.

I have her proper phone number now.

All good.

Turns out her dad was one of the best keyboard players in the world ( I kid you not). She pulled out this box of pictures and it's like, Dad playing with Eric Clapton, Dad playing with the Stones, Dad in his Fleetwood Mac period etc.etc.etc.



I connect with this girl cos she lost her parents a couple of years ago and I can feel ( actually I can see ) her pain. I'm not much use to many people, but I totally relate to this girl; maybe I can help?

I sooo Pick em.

Plus she has an unbelievable music collection.

Anyway, I'm taking her to the park tomorrow with her two dogs and we're gonna go for a long long walk.

She's not the one... I think?

Could be wrong?

I do like this girls smell though, it totally turns me on.

Sweedy gwirl has a new man, I'm happy for her. Good luck to him though!

OK Sunday I'm off to Bestival with the band, slightly nervous about it after last weekend, but I'm sure it'll be fine.

What can you do?

Did I ever mention that I live the life of Riley.


The World Health Organization says that listening to earphones at 85 decibels or more for over an hour at a time can damage hearing.

One word...Bullshit!!

85db is quieter than a busy street???

Name me one person you actually know who's suffered hearing loss as a result of an MP3 player, what's that you say... you can't???

Neither can I.

Scaremongering fukin idiots!!!

Hey tells you wadda do!!





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If you want to trade post my link and then contact me back and I'll post yours!

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Anonymous Mark said...

Hello LCH, have you seen this when you're out and about?

12:41 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

That's an insane idea.


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