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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Bills and gigs and phones and flights

As promised some pics of the gig Sunday. For some reason they all came out shit? Think it may be time for a new camera.

Feeling a little better today apart from the fact that I have a new bank card ( left mine in the back of a taxi the other week ) and for some reason I can't pay my phone bill with it?? Been down to the bank and they say the card is OK, I mean I can use it in the wall and I can buy stuff with it? Dunno... Still won't let me pay my bill?

So what you say?

Well I always pay my bills at the last minute ( better in my account then theirs 'n' all that) But... I've left it too late and the bastards have put me on incoming only? The only other way is to pay at the post office ( three to five days to clear?)

Hmm what to do?

People are just gonna have to call me!

I have some new blood in the studio tomorrow and I had to go use a bloody phone box to confirm with him ( didn't know they actually still existed, but they do, and they work 'n' shit??)

Anyway... I went and bought some new Converse today to replace the lost pair and then cleaned the inside of the car ( for therapeutic value, ) tonight I'm gonna go visit my call-girl mate J for a chat and a glass of vino, she always cheers me up.

OK I'm out the door


Totally rocks, try it ( You'll need the latest version of Google earth though).



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