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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Should be sleeping really?

Sooo. I've had sort of a mad week. I'm kinda writing at 1am and I have to be out the door at 5am for a 10 o'clock flight from Gatwick ( yes it takes that fukin long to check-in nowadays??)

Yes I went to Nottinghill Carnival but just on the Monday. I spent the Sunday with newspaper girl at her pad in Nottinghill drinking wine in her back garden. Got up around 12 o'clock and then went to join my mates up the road. My mate A was actually letting people use his toilet for £3 ( or two for fiver ) a pop. He made about £1500 + he was selling beers from his front garden.

All good.

Tues was a complete right-off.

Wed I went down to the venue and fitted a new sound system outside the bar area so the smokers have something to listen to outside.

Thurs Little Mistress came to see me and we spent a nice day in the pub reminiscing and getting totally arseholed! She left Fri morning after a night of rolling around.

Fri night I stayed in and watched a couple of films ( had a gig but it was canceled )

And that leaves tonight, I'm went to bed around 10am and tried to sleep. I'm up again two hours time clock just ain't having it?

Bit of a mad ole week then.

I'm off to Ireland in the morning for a gig at the Electric picnic should be OK I guess, all the gigs just seem to be rolling into one at the moment. ( not that I'm complaining really. )

I guess pics on Tues.

And that's that really, still alive, still doing my thing.

.. But completely useless!


I'm gonna try and get more sleep now



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