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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Belgium or bust

Sooo: Fri nights gig was the epitome of what a bad gig should be. Shit gig, shit Belgian crowd, shit sound, band couldn't really be bothered and it all ended up with a band member in-house fight outside the tour-bus.


We left for Belgium via Dover and the Eurostar which, to be honest, was pretty damn quick.

You're on the train for what seems like twenty minutes ( especially as you can watch a film on the tour-bus) then we drove an hour through France to Belgium and to the gig. Very quick, with no standing in queues waiting to board a fukin Plane. We arrived at the gig around 8 pm for a 1 am show and just hung around doing fuck all. I must admit though the on site catering was pretty excellent for a festival and the bizarre thing was that it the VIP area was in a Primary school just off the site, we got to eat in the school hall ( it's been a while) ??

Being Belgium, the people are pretty boring, no drugs, no fit women, no real atmosphere per se, just all a bit well...dull.

We sat on the tour-bus watching films till it was time to sound-check.

The gig was totally shite?

Seemingly there was a World famous Belgian DJ ( complete fukin oxymoron if ever there was one) playing in the other tent so, of course, our stage was dead.. and I mean dead. Don't think anyone's actually heard of us in Belgium?

Oh well.

We got through the gig as best we could, loaded up the tour bus with booze and just got the fuck out.

Such a contrast from last weekend.

Back through Belgium and France to the Early morning Eurostar and home. Talk about blitzing a country in super quick time.

Anyway we're all trying to sleep on the bus and JR ( who's completely pissed ) is acting up. He kept waking me ( and various others ) just as I was nodding off and I knew that as soon as we got close to London I would have to depart the bus, get in my car and then drive home. Not good on no sleep and a bit dangerous to boot. Every time I was woken up I was getting more and more pissed at JR.

I wasn't the only one.

We decided to drop JR off first but...he couldn't even remember the street he lived on?? Not a good look at six in the morning when we're all shattered and basically just need to go to bed without getting fucked about trying to find a phantom street? Especially when we're going out of the way to get him home.

B ( the lead singer ) finally lost the plot big time with JR and they ended up having a splendid fist fight on a grassy knoll in full view of the tour-bus.

Totally JR's fault.

I just sat back and watched the entertainment.

Really not a good look at that time in the morning, in full view of middle class fukin Suburbia?

Let's go!!

No one got seriously injured and it all petered out with nothing more than a bruised ego for JR. Poor guy's gonna feel like shit tomorrow. Second time he's been beaten up in two weeks. The other time was by a bunch of 16 year old hoodies after he tried to rugby tackle one of them out of the blue, outside his local pub ( pissed, of course, again??)

Lucky he didn't get stabbed.

So yeah... Not a good look.

Anyway, completely shit gig.

Let's hope Paris, Monday is better.

It's what? 9am and I'm writing to make myself sleepy and then I'm off to bed.

Gonna go see Bibi later on for some good ole TLC ;0)

And that's that really.

Shitty gig.

It happens




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