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Monday, September 10, 2007

Bed or Pub?

OMG I think I'm still pissed from last night!

Horace Andy on the Big Top stage mid-gig.

A superb gig was had by all last night and it more than made up for all the shit that went down last week.

We traveled down to the Isle of white yesterday afternoon and caught the 4 o'clock ferry, docking about 5pm. I must admit I totally prefer ferry's to airplanes, a hell of a lot less stressful, and no fukin stupid waiting in line.

We're off to do a TV show in Paris next monday and we've decided to take the Eurostar instead of flying. We're all sick to death of being treated like fukin cattle... Airports fukin suck!!!

I digress.

Anyway, we arrived at Bestival at around 6pm and what a superb site it is, easily the best Festival in terms of atmosphere and vibe this year...easily. No back stage catering though, so I didn't really get a chance to eat before the gig?

Anyway, can't complain.

Pic taken from the top of the hill.

Sooo many munted people in fancy laugh.

We went on stage at around 8pm. We had the whole band this time, sometimes we're missing a vocalist or a trumpet player etc. But this time it was the full mob and it rocked. We got filmed for channel 4 as well. The cameramen ( + camera girl ) were dancing around the mixing desk at one point...Superb!

Digital fukin desk again, but...I'm kinda getting used to them.

So yeah, off stage at 9:20 after two oncours and off to the back stage party where I did a shed load of MDMA and got just completely fukin munted.

I went to watch the Orb play from the side of the stage and found a tent full of mad drunk people so I plotted up for a few hours chatting to some girlies.

We left at 5 this morning to get the early ferry. A ferry at 5am full of people returning home from a festival is like being in an episode of 'One flew over the cuckoos nest' x 1000.


Funny, we had a Chinese promoter guy 'A' with us and It's his first time out of China, you could see him looking around just thinking: 'What the fuck is going on, these people are like, all totally loop soup nuts bonkers??'

Welcome to England 'A'


Check the sunrise from the ferry

Got back to London around 9am and passed out.

I'm up again, but I swear I'm still fukin pissed!!

So yeah, great gig.

We're off to Belgium next Friday and then Paris Monday. All bloody go eh!

I might go see Bibi in a while, we went for a walk with her two dogs on Saturday and ended up walking for about 12 miles? Nice though, we chatted about everything, she's an extremely intelligent girl. She kinda just knows shit about shit!!

All good.

Newspaper gwirl is back from Spain as well.

Double good.

Right... Bed or pub?

Bed or pub? Bed or pub? Bed or pub? Bed or pub? Bed or pub? Bed or pub?!!

Oh dear!

The worlds biggest holes.



Blogger Jay Cam said...

thanks ive linked you too!

8:45 pm  
Anonymous Ste said...

Must have been a few feet away from you watching the Orb at Bestival. Good show it was too. Hmmm your identity remains elusive!

10:45 am  

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