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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sunday paper Russians

Sooo: What's happening? Well just chilling between gigs to be honest. I have a long weekend which was supposed to be three festivals, but one has been canceled due to the land being waterlogged so I think that I'm gonna go early to the first festival in Canterbury on Thurs night and hang out with my good mate S for a few days till the band arrive on Sat. This is where I met Sweedy gwirl last year, and I guess she'll be working the bar again this year, so that should be an interesting meet?

Talking of girls, Sun, I just kinda wanted to be on my own, so I went to this pub I've never visited before and sat in the beer garden, reading the Sunday papers and just basically just chilling out when two girl and guy sat next to me at the opposite table. I took no notice of them till one of the girls pipped up in a heavy Russian accent: " Why you sit by yourself, you come sit with us?" The bloke sat with them says: " She's single you know!" And she says: " Yeah come sit, you can be my new boyfriend?"

Very odd??

Soooo, never one to pass up a challenge, I went and sat down with them. Turns out the girls were from St. Petersburg, which just so happens to be where I'm going with the band in a couple of weeks.

This girl (Lena) says to me: " You put me in suitcase, I definitely fuck you!!"

Me: " I'd love to, but I don't think that's gonna be possible dear."

She then went on to tell me that her ex boyfriend never gave her enough orgasms.

Which is nice!

As I said before I'm: " Never one to pass up a challenge!"

Interesting little girl that one, lovely body, even if a little forward.

We ended up having a little touchy-feely at the end of the night.

I have Lena's number so I'm sure she'll be getting a call.

Amazing what you find on a Sunday when your not looking.

Ok; I totally can't be bothered to do anything today, but I do need to go and buy some food, so I guess I'll have to haul myself out the door and to the supermarket.

Bugger, do I really have to?

Oh well.

100 days that changed music

Hey don't make adds like these anymore

Oh dear!

The Bible... as told in Lego??



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