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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Edit my gum!

Sooo: Totally haven't had the time to post this week, what with this, that and the other.

Off to Wales Fri for a gig with the band and then back Sat for the club. Sunday I'm gonna chill out as I feel that all I've done all week is run around and I'm a little tired.

Smoking ban's working out well, I've noticed that the smoking population of London are spilling out onto the streets while the half a dozen or so non smokers occupy the comfy seats in the pubs???

I never realised just how many people actually smoke. One of my locals has a heated tent outside, and this place has been absolutely mobbed (with smokers) since the ban.

I can't believe we actually sat back and let the government fuck us up the arse over this issue.

It's pretty obvious to me, that after a week of seeing what I'm seeing, the majority of pub goers are actually smokers, I guess It goes hand in hand (not any more?)

They [the government] are bang out of order. We need some fukin riots I'm thinking!

Ho Hum!!

Brilliantly told academic view of the Inner workings of an American crack selling gang!

Wiki edit wars. This shit to me is really interesting, only for the fact that I had a huge Wiki editing war a couple of years ago about the history of a certain 90's Rave artist. I originally found the article on Wikipedia and, after noticing a few mistakes, corrected them only to have them uncorrected by the author. I then re-corrected them, only to have them fukin uncorrected again? This went on for a couple of days and I eventually tore the article down out of disgust .

"You could easily have had your information wrong?" You say!

Well that could have been the case; but for the fact that the certain 90's rave artist in question was!!


Fukin idiot author.



Blogger un said...

hi LCH,

love to know who/what the 90's rave artist was then...

ahh, telepathy, AWOL - those where the days ;-)

10:31 am  

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