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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My Chemical un-romance?

Soo, I'm off to Canterbury for the weekend so I won't be around for a couple off days. Should be a good weekend, my mate C (girl) is coming down to see me Sat and I ain't seen her for a year or so, sooo that should be a lot of fun, good laugh is C.

Yep I'm in Canterbury for a few days, then I'm off to Guilfest for another gig Sunday, then back to London Sunday night and then I have a date on Monday with (J) the art director of a well known Sunday paper. Won't mention which paper, coz I don't really want to implicate her on this blog. we shagged a month or so ago and I just thought "Well that was nice, can't see me seeing her again though probably due to the fact that she earns about ten times what I do?"

But... she kept texting me??

So now we have a second date. I actually wouldn't mind having a creative girlin my life (who's actually shit hot at being creative) as opposed to the huge amount off blaggers you get in London.

Prime example: some girl stood by the mixing desk, at a gig, at the club the other day: " I'm a sound engineer as well you know!" She says.

"Oh really!" I reply: " You think the guitars are sounding a bit harsh, do you reckon I should cut a bit of 2k out mate?"

Her (blank faced expression) : " Errr what, what you on about?"

Yeah right your a sound engineer love, everybody's a sound engineer, just like everybody's a fukin DJ???

What can you do?

I digress.

So yeah, hot date on Monday night. Hope I'm not too fucked from the weekend?

Listening to: The Chemical brothers " We are the Shite ( Sorry night) " Highly anticipated... badly let down to be honest. I wish every fucker in the music would take off the Rose tinted spectacles and realise that: On the grand scheme of dance music production things, this is actually a bit shit. I mean the " Salmon dance track" is actually a fukin embarrassing take on old skool hip hop. Couple of half decent tracks but, in's toss. Nuff said!

"But it went straight to number one? " You say. Yes, but everybody bought it without hearing the damn thing coz "It's the Chemicals innit!!"

Funny: all the "Music industry" reviews for this album are fantastic. Yet...all the blog and third party reviews are totally toss. Go figure!


Kitten techno... Yeah man!!

Mad as...

Mister tweak-a-thon... Oh dear???

Enough already.

See ya soon.



Blogger Nobody Girl said...

Busy man! Hope your date went well :)

9:37 am  
Blogger bedshaped said...

Hugely disappointed with The Chemical's new album. It's almost like they didn't even bother to try.

9:59 pm  
Anonymous bwaarp said...

i've always said that about "the chems" like tackhead witout any bollocks.

10:40 am  

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