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Monday, July 23, 2007

From Russia with Lovesky ( Part 2 )

Click on any pic to make em larger ( you know it's worth the effort)

Sooo; St Petersburg was pretty damn spectacular, a load nicer than grim old Moscow. Beautiful scenery, uber Beautiful women, good food , good gig. All good really.

The band arrived on Friday afternoon and after checking into the hotel we were all whisked off to a party by a lake organised by the British council on Friday night.

Far too much free booze was consumed and I kinda ended up back at the hotel absolutely fukin plastered. Managed to knock a toilet door of its hinges seemingly, don't remember much about it though? Ooops never mind....guilty as charge!

Woke up the next morning with a bangin' headache and managed to miss a trip to the Hermitage which I'm a little pissed off with myself about coz I would have loved to have seen some of the Picasso's.

Anyway, we arrived at the gig around 3ish in a spectacular venue on a beach on the banks of the Neva river next to a walled fortress.

I mean, you really can't go wrong with scenery like that. Beautiful summers day it was as well, had a spot of dinner in the mini Pacha club which sits alongside the main stage and we all chilled out for a couple of hours drifting between the club and the main stage to take in a couple of the other bands.

The band went on stage at around 8 in the evening and, to be honest, did one of the best gigs I've seen them do all year. The main stage sound system would have done a main stage three times the size, it just sounded sooo fat that it just wasn't fukin funny. If you look at the next pic (Taken from on stage when one of the other bands were playing) you can pick out the buildings on the opposite side of the river, and the sound system had sooo much throw on it that I was actually getting the vocals to bounce off the buildings and back to the stage giving this unbelievable kinda 3D surround sound thing going on.

Absolutely fukin magic!! I couldn't have wished for better acoustics.

Fukin lovely!

The crowd loved it as well, we got some great reviews the next day, unlike Lilly Allen who was sooo pissed she couldn't actually get her words out??

Ooops... Well done Lilly; guess that'll teach you to drink voddy straight from the bottle?

Tell you what though she's a fukin real cutie in the flesh. Much better looking than her press shots and just a lovely girl to chat to as well.

Pisshead though.

I should know!

Sooo, it was all back to Pacha to get right royally drunk for the night and then back to the hotel for a few more drinks and then bed.

Sent us all off with a firework display as well... Very kind!

All good.

Woke the next day, went to Mcdonaldsky's then back to the airport for the trip home.

I tell you what though, fukin airports are becoming absolutely nightmare places to visit nowadays. I mean, surely an airplane is just a bus with wings right? So what the fuck is up with all this fukin waiting and queuing and more bloody waiting, and more bloody queuing, it's sooo fukin frustrating.

We got back to Heathrow and ( even thought the plane was sat right next to the gate) we had to wait 3/4 of an hour for a bus and some steps before we could get off the damn thing????

You'd have thought they would've rang ahead?

This is all at a gate with one of those bendy things that comes out and joins to the plane so you can disembark as well??

But oh no! We have to wait for bleedin steps???

Before you ask, there was absolutely nothing wrong with the bendy gate thing either?

I wouldn't be at all suprised if that had something to do with all the political shit that's going on at the moment between Russia and England.

Keep em all waiting, that'll piss em off!

Absolute fukin madness!!

I arrived in a good mood and left the airport in a foul mood...What the fuck is that about eh?

I guess I've arrived back to a completely flooded England. My gaff's OK though ( Thank gawd)

From sun to shit in three hours?

Oh dear!

Fantastic weekend all around methinks, no drama's ( as such ) beautiful place, superb gig and a fine time was had by all.

All good.

I'm off to cook some food then...



Blogger Jilly said...

You have such an exciting life that it makes me wanna fucking hate you, but I just can't damnit.

9:40 pm  
Blogger Lippy said...

It's not often that I've had gig envy of late - but I'll give you this one. Damn what a venue!

7:16 am  
Blogger Nobody Girl said...

Sounds amazing! Can I borrow your life for a few weeks please?!

9:36 am  

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