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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sunday Sicko.

Sooo, I watched the Michael Moore documentary "Sicko" last night. Completely shocking it was too. Seems like all American health care seems to be concerned with is pure shareholder profit for the insurance companies? Is it really as bad as that? If so, then it's totally fucked if you ask me!

In England, we all moan about the NHS, but... we shouldn't really, after all it is free. You fall and break your arm, or your appendix explodes, or you have a heart attack, or your head falls off, and your guaranteed to get it sorted for nothing. End of. Not bad really when you think about it.

I got invited to the O2 festival in Hyde park last night, be honest, the last thing I wanna go do on a day off is go and see bands again. Mad, but true.

Anyway, I've a busy week ahead. I'm at the Savoy engineering a band at a Summer ball mid week and then Glastonbury at the weekend.


The Savoy thing is always a laugh + I get a three course dinner + I have to engineer in a Tuxedo. We run this raffle which makes quite a bit bit of money on the side and afterwards all the staff go to this posh club (which one of the promoters Dad owns ) and get slaughtered on the proceeds. Last year we were ordering up Champagne till like 4 in the morning. We told these girls we were all footballers on a night out and they started throwing themselves at us ( literally ) left right and centre.

Sad, money grabbing bitches really???

Still though, a bit of a laugh.

Warning...Spoiler: For anybody who's a fan of the Sopranos and was a bit shocked by the finale, this is a beautiful frame by frame analysis of what we were all thinking anyway.

If only it were true!!

Ok, it's Sunday ( still no Sunday girl? ) although I did meet with this American girl last night P for a drink, but...she proceeded to chew my ear off for fukin hours. I was trying to work out how she was actually breathing in between sentences at one point?

I think I'll give her a miss to be honest. She wanted me to show her the delights of the great British tradition of Sunday Lunch and a pint today, but... I kinda like to do that one in peace and have a nice chat afterwards, not an ear bashing!

I'm gonna go down the local for dinner. I'm friendly with the female chef V and she totally piles it on for me, extra Yorkshire and spuds all round then.

Good girl, well done!




Blogger Jason said...

Although the American health care system is very messed up, it's not all based on shareholder profit. Only around 25% of hospitals are for-profit (shareholder owned). The remainder are community and government run hospitals, which means they are not-for-profit. Insurance companies, though, are mostly shareholder owned, which contributes to a lot of the problems, as well.

3:09 pm  
Blogger Nobody Girl said...

I should probably say something intelligent about the Michael Moore film...but actually I'm simply jealous about your Sunday lunch. I miss homemade Sunday lunch.. Damnit you blog makes me hungry. :(

4:27 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Twas nice as well!!

7:00 pm  
Anonymous coops said...

how is the NHS free? its just funded thru taxes not insurance.

7:36 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

It's free, cos you don't have to pay like £10,000 to have a broken arm set, or £100 for a course of antibiotics, or as In Mr Moores film $16,000 to have a one severed finger stitched back on???

Yeah you pay in taxes, but you don't notice it, as it's completely transparent.

7:48 pm  
Blogger Jo said...

I always forget that other countries don't have the nhs / free healthcare. Michael Moore docu's always go a bit o.t.t. by the end though and he ends up ruining any point he was making by being soooooo bloody one sided.

10:27 am  
Anonymous Assistant/Atlas said...

Americans are, with some honorable exceptions, annoying. Don't date them. And this one sounds particularly obnoxious.

And Coops, the difference is that the rich are more heavily taxed to pay for the NHS, to make it available for the poor. Here in America, everyone just hopes the poor die quickly.

Seriously, don't date Americans. We're fucking assholes.

4:58 am  

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