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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Banking on Surveillance ?

Sooo, Sat and I have a day off. The band are playing some festival up North tomorrow, so I'm just gonna chill for today..

I just have to mention this though, my mate B from the venue went to hire a car yesterday to drive down to Cornwall for the weekend, "Soo fukin what?" You say. Well upon collecting the car the guy in the hire shop shoves this machine in his his face and he's like: " Thumb print sir!" and B's like " Uhhh!!" Again: " Thumb print sir!" B refuses, and is told he can't have the car till he gives up his print??

B wants to know more. He's a bit of a conspiracy nut is B, he hangs around with the top ranks of these people who are all anti ID card. His mate writes for the Guardian on all things anti government, so you can see his concerns here.

Anyway, seemingly as from the July 1st 2007 ( Yesterday, but you know that right? )Yep as from July 1st 2007 everyone hiring a car in the UK ( at any hire car company ) is required to leave a thumb print, but...not for a hire car database (fukin get this!! ) It's for a government database?????


This shit is out of hand, I mean why don't the fukin government just round us all up and place us sheep pens. I'm sick to death of this government and it's meddling, sick to fukin death!

I thought the government was supposed to be serving the people, not controlling them.

Whatever next?

Talking of annoying twats. I changed my bank about 6 months ago coz I wasn't happy with the service. The Halifax bank if you wanna know, they were crap. Anyway coz my old bank [The Halifax] hadn't seen any money going through the accounts for like, 2 months, they decided to pull my old overdraft from one of the accounts. This in turn left the account £10 overdrawn?? I had no idea, I wasn't using the account anymore, I'd emptied the accounts, chucked the cards and unregistered all the internet banking stuff.

Sooo, I started to get letters from the bank, and, to be honest, I just binned them without reading them. I wanted nothing more to do with this bank and thought it was just " Why aren't you using us anymore?" crap.

Then, they started ringing my mobile. A typical conversation would go: " Are you such and such?"

Me: " Yes"

Them: " Can you confirm some security detail with me please?"

Me: " Err noooo!"

Them: " Why not Sir?'

Me: "Errr because you called me you idiots, you could be anyone??"

Them: " Well can you ring us on ........... ?"

Me: " Errrr noooo! "

Them: " Can you tell me why not?"


Them: " Well...


See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya!

But... These calls started becoming more regular??

It got to the point where I was like: " Stop fuking calling me please, I want nothing more to do with you!!"

It didn't stop , so I just saved the number in my phone under 'NO!!!'

But... The calls still kept coming, to the frequency that they would start at 8:30 am and end at 10pm every 30 to 40 mins every day ( including Sat and Sun and... Bank holidays?? ) . It kinda became a running joke, but it's not really that fukin funny.

Total calls I make at 10 to 20/day over a two month period, that's like 600 calls max!!


I don't know about you lot, but in my book that's fukin harassment??

Anyway, I hadn't had one of their letters for a while, so when one dropped through the letterbox the other day, I opened it.

Guess what? That £10 ( actually £12.36 ) unathorised overdraft now stands at ( including all the letters they sent me and interest gained ) at £422.62????

In six months.

What are they, loan sharks?


I went straight to the citizens advice bureau, they wrote me this superbly nasty letter, made a few calls and got it all straightened.

But... The calls and the letters started again last week, and they ain't stopped.

They're still claiming I owe them this money?

Anyone with a lesser disposition ( I mean I couldn't really give a fuck, bring it on! ) would be having kittens by now??

What do these people want...Blood!!

Anyway, rant over.

I'm off out to enjoy the sunshine down the pub with the locals.

Also...I've come to the conclusion that the Japanese are completely mad squirrel !



Anonymous Decker said...

Time to acid bath the ridges off the thumb methinks.

Some banks and payday loan places here require a finger print, but we all carry State ID's anyway.

4:36 pm  
Blogger Ghostboy said...

That's fucking ridiculous. I wouldn't give them my print either.. It stressed me out enough when they wanted my digits in the states, customs that is, not hot girls.

1:37 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

everyone is getting increasingly paranoid, and its easy to see why.
Wonder if we will all go mad ? could be fun.

4:13 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

I'm mad anyway mate!

1:07 pm  

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