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Monday, May 28, 2007

Engineer on call.

Sooo, bank holiday Monday and I'm chilling at home after working last night. I got a call Sat night around 7pm from the guy who owns Neighbourhood club in Ladbroke Grove. Their in-house engineer has gone off to work on a cruise ship somewhere and the guy sounded really desperate.

Anyway, he asked me would I work on Sunday and I kinda hummed and hared coz I was already out with a load of mates and I knew ( due to the amount of booze etc. we were consuming ) that Sunday was gonna be a complete right off. But... This guy was like, " Man, it's some party for Jade Jagger and I'm totally in the shit, I'll give you a big wad of cash if you help me out??" So ( on that preface ) I agreed and throttled back on booze a little ( you say that!).

Luckily for me my mate F ( female, BBC director ) said I could sleep at her house which is only ten minutes from the club. All good!

We then continued to do what we do best...

Sunday I woke up around 2Pm, crawled out of bed, and took myself for Lunch. I bumped into my mate C ( girl ) on Portobello road and invited her down to this party coz I figured I was gonna need some props as the night wore on. Finished lunch, feeling awake(ish) and then went down the club to work.

Turns out it was a superb night, three really good sorta dub, electro, rock bands ( you work it out!) some fukin excellent DJ's, a lot of great crack ( conversation not drugs!! ) and the women, I must say, were fukin spectacular!!! I was chatting to this blond girl who just came up to me out of the blue and I'm just thinking, " Babe, you are way way way out of my league honey??" Got her number though. I doubt I'll ring though as she was kinda " Why the fuck is everyone hitting on my new girlfriend?" territory. Not really what I need at the moment. Far too fukin expensive for little old me...

Also...I got an offer of a job as the new house engineer at the end of the night as well. I'm considering it (a lot).

I'm a little bored of my usual club at the moment. Although I've taken the place from being a shitty live venue to a state of the art 1500 people a night place over the last five years, I'm kinda feeling the need to move on. And...I'm getting a little fed up of engineering unsigned bollocks student indie bands ( noisy fuckers!!) . Neighbourhood gets a lot of classy signed bands which drift more toward the electronic side of the spectrum rather then the indie side.'s smack bang in the middle of carnival and becomes the place to be for after parties.

Also the bar managers are pissing me off at my usual place, their inability to push the venue up a gear and their "We just wanna close early and get the fuck out without putting any effort in wotsoever" attitude is driving me up the fukin wall. On Friday nights I've noticed that the staff taxis are getting to the venue earlier and earlier to the point that you can't even sit down for five minutes and relax after a long night. I very nearly got locked in the place the other night, I was still finishing up while the other staff had been dispatched in haste, I had to ring the bar manager to return to the venue and let me the fuck out, he didn't even take the time to check if there was anyone left in the main room. Upon his return I was greeted with: " What you doing son, you gonna have to be faster than that!!" To which I replied: "Fuck you!!"

It was 2:30am, the club shuts at 2? I used to be still finishing up at 3???

Totally fukin shoddy!!

Note to all bar managers: If you've lost the passion for your job to the point where the rest of the staff are having their heads done-in by you: Don't you think it's about time you moved over and let somebody else do the job who actually gives a shit?

It's kinda bollocks really! I finished up at 3:30 last night and was still having a laugh at the bar at 5am this morning, which, to me, is one of the best things about doing this job!

I'll split the work between the two venues and see what happens from there I guess?

Sooo, I awoke this morning, day off, big pile of and cash feeling rather smug about the whole thing really.

All good.

Right I'm off out for a posh lunch then. (Ha!! not really.)

This is just utter madness??



Anonymous tinsticky said...

Nice one mate :-)

3:45 pm  
Anonymous lizzy said...

Why have you changed the picture here, Mr Cokehead?

7:25 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

I changed the pic, cos I was feeling nostalgic and that's the old one. I'm designing a new one at the mo.

1:26 pm  
Blogger Nobody Girl said...

Sounds like you've landed on your feet with this new gig. Congrats :)

4:57 pm  
Blogger Turtle said...

yeah, sounds like it's time to move on to a new locale.

5:47 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Thinking that too. I'll run em both for now though.

Basket eggs and all that!

12:25 am  

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