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Monday, June 11, 2007

Croatia...It's nicer than Blackpool!!

Sooo: Sorry I ain't been posting, but I've been gigging in Croatia.

Pretty good gig actually, in this mad old paper mill:

Where we got to help ourselves to the bars ( not me in the pic, by the way):

Good, apart from the fact that the lead singer B nearly lamped one of the Croatian in-house engineers, he fell eight foot off the front of the stage ( in a rock-n-roll sorta way) , and then the in-house guy went a bit nuts about it, this guy then proceeded to stand on the front of the stage (for the rest of the gig) giving B evil looks??

B went a bit nuts about it after the gig, we all had to escort him from the gig before he got arrested.

Croatian Old Bill have guns and shit as well.

Wouldn't have been good really.

What's that about eh? Can't the Croatians handle a bit of fukin rock-n-roll??

Also, minus brownie points go to the minibus driver taking us back to the airport (at five in the morning) and slamming on the brakes in the middle of the motorway, having a scream-up at us all, and then driving at twenty miles an hour for the rest of the journey in the hope that we all missed our flights; just because one of the band lit a cigarette up in his bus?? Fukin idiot!

It's not like it wasn't a 3 hour journey to the airport, and there was another airport 10 mins from the gig??

Also also: Big big minus brownie points for the in-house engineer for fuking me up after ( having spent the day before sound checking and stuff ) upon arriving back at the gig [for the gig] had ripped off all the marking tape I'd left on the mixing desk so that I didn't know what the fuck I was doing anymore??

Complete idiot!

Had to totally wing the gig, luckily I'd kinda remembered half of it in my head, but that's not the point really.

Don't know how the rest of the world operates? But in my country, you never ever mess with what the headlining bands engineer has left on the mixing console??


Big big no no!!


On a plus, we got to stay in this fuck-off amazing hotel on the seafront with views like these from the bedroom windows :

And the women in Croatia are spectacular, I'd say in the top 10 of the worlds fittest, easily!!

And it was 30 degrees [ 90 degrees F ] baking sunshine for the whole trip.

We also spent the night before the gig on a yacht listening to a Jazz four piece playing till the early hours.


Sooo, back to miserable grey London.

Mmmm, I wanna go back.

Right now!

Oh well, nevermind!



Blogger Jo said...

Went sailing round the islands in croatia last summer, was absolutely beautttiful place...although I can't really comment on the women. It was mostly old croatian sailor men we saw. Ick.

1:58 pm  
Anonymous Liz said...

Good to read you again, Mr Cokehead. I saw you're coming to Hungria as well. Hope you'll have a good time here, although the Lake is nothing compared to Croatia.(Or London)

5:56 pm  
Blogger Nobody Girl said...

Welcome back to good old London - Croatia looks stunning, glad you had a good time.

9:01 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you get any decent gear in Croatia? I'm off for my stag do, and want to know whether weasel dust is likely to be on the cards..

8:58 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

No, we didn't get any gear in Croatia (dry as a bone) , I suggest you take your own mate..

12:00 am  
Anonymous Assistant/Atlas said...

I second you on Croatian women. Right up there with Italians and Brazilians. And the countryside is gorgeous, too.

Just one question: are you referring to your titular substance with the term "weasel dust"? Because that's the best slang name for it I've heard in a long time.

And it would seem even more appropriate here in LA. I'm going to start saying it, see if it catches on....

5:04 am  

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