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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The people are speaking, it's about time you started listening??

Sooo, Rant alert!!

You know what, I don't even drive anymore and even I think that this is just another load of bollocks stealth tax. I mean, what the fuck do you pay road tax for? This country is becoming taxed to death. Anyone who's ever played civilisation, or anyone who has studied any amount of foreign economic history will tell you that if you tax your nation to bits, it will descend into mass chaos and eventually just fall apart. Just ask the Romans ( well actually you can't..but hey!)


The people are speaking, it's about time you lot started to fukin listen??

I called L ( the girl I met at the weekend ) , she's OK. I kinda wanted to hook up with her at the weekend, but it turns out she's going away to the seaside for a week starting Saturday, and then it turns out that I'm going on tour the week after that, so I guess well try and hook up after that. Man I wanna see this girl again.

Nothing new there then eh!

Started a mix today for this rock band that my mate G manages. It's actually turning out really nicely, bit of a breeze considering I thought it would be hard work. The session came in Live from Pro tools, so there was a lot of tempo fluctuations to deal with. So in order to transfer to Logic Pro 7 I used the beat match facility to line up the kick drum track to tempo, took out their drums, then dropped in a load of new beats and other stuff over the top. The beat match thing makes it all tight as fuck. Top stuff!

Tomorrow I'm off down to the venue to do a bit of much needed maintenance on the rig.


Top 20 unusual suicides?? (Sorry...homicides!!)

Shakespearean insult kit: Thou doust annoy me like a dissembling full-gorded maggot pie!!


Although these are some of the best Breakdancing moves I've ever seen ( flares anyway) WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU PUT THEM WITH THAT MUSIC??????

You may have seen these before, but I still like em.



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Blogger london cokehead said...

Interesting, don't really care if it's fake or not, it's still a damn good read...

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