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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Key non-development?

Sooo: Somebody has sent me a full set of keys in the post with no covering letter and I haven't the foggiest idea who they're from or what they open?

Complete fukin mystery??

Absolutely baffling!!

Yep, a complete set of high security, number stamped, Banham keys on a red ribbon.


Highly confused I am! ( Yoda voice )

I thought maybe they'd changed the locks at the venue and sent me replacements or something.

Couple of calls later...still no Joy.

Why the hell would somebody send me a set of fukin keys??

Maybe a long lost relative has died and has left me his/her Country cottage/holiday home in the South of France/Stately Manor/Farmhouse/nightclub/luxury yacht/hotel in Cannes.... ( Dream on son!)

I don't even recognise the writing on the envelope?



I'm sure it all makes sense to somebody out there??

Come forward O mystery key sender person.

Whoever you are.

Just had a call from the venue and some fukin idiot has wiped the lighting controller (again!!) That means tomorrow ( on my day off ) I have to go down to the sodding venue and spend the whole day reprogramming the lighting rig?

A job I do not like.

Tiz a pain in one's arse!

And then some...

Note to all people who think they can use a lighting desk (but actually have no idea) :


I kill!!

Suppose I'll get paid to do it; but that's not the point really.


Right, I have work to do.

Crash your car ( well an American version of it anyway!)

And...for anyone who enjoys a spot of air hockey, this.

Inspirational work posters.

last...Somebody please jump on my wireless so I can use this shit. Please!!



Blogger Nobody Girl said...

I think the 'Indifference' poster pretty much sums up my day!

2:58 pm  
Blogger Jo said...

Got any mates in HMP? Maybe they nicked the keys off a guard and want you to break them out of prison. Like Prison Break. Yeeeeeeaaah.

12:51 pm  

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