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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Mobile pumpkin chukin ex girlfriends!

Sooo, I got a new mobile phone the other day, a Nokia N73 pretty cool phone really, it's got web n walk which is an internet anytime connection for a fixed price ( £7.50/month) I kinda got it free for the first month and I thought " Well I'll give it a go for a month and then cancel" But... I'm addicted. The amount of times I've been in a pub talking to somebody who's needed the answer to a question, or needed a taxi in the middle of nowhere, or just wanted to check my emails or stats, and out comes the phone, onto the internet and off you trot. You could blitz a pub quiz with this thing ( wouldn't though ;0)

Also I downloaded Google maps mobile to the phone and now no matter where I am, I can call this thing up, enter an address and it just tells me where I need to be. It's a bit like having satnav in your pocket. Fukin marvelous! Wanna find a Thai restaurant or a KFC or the nearest pub, just type in the street you're standing on, then what you want, and it comes up with nearest 6 choices, click on a choice and up pops the details, click on the details and it phones the number for you. It has satellite views as well, and all this works at blistering speed.

Fukin top!!

Can't do without it now.

The guy in the phone shop put me on a better price plan as well so I'm getting all this shit for like £25/month less than I was paying before.

You can't go wrong.

Still not convinced, try this demo of it, it's exactly as it works in real life. ( And no, I'm not on commission. )

What else, oh yeah, my ex American girl S has made an appearance on one of my Myspace sites (again)? Fuck knows how she finds them?? Last time she started sending dodgy comments basically designed to be read by my writing partner. It worked. I ended up sending her a nasty message and barred her from the site. This time I received the message: "Remember Chicago?"

Err yeah, of course I remember fukin Chicago it was one of the best days in my life that led on to the some of the worst days of my life. What do want S a fukin medal?

I just hope that this ain't gonna lead onto another spate of dodgy messages? If you want to be friends, lets be friends. If you still hate me and just wanna annoy me, it's like, get over it honey it was seven fukin years ago!


Nice selection of Pumpkin chukin machines ??

Google reader... Pretty cool stuff ( spotted a fair few people using it to check out my site and checked it out myself!!)

This has to be the coolest bandwidth speed tester on the net. Check to see if your actually getting the broadband speed your supposed to be. My results: Down speed 13913 kb/s, Up speed 1070 kb/s. Vroom ( I'm running a 24mg line before you ask!)

Funny aircraft tower announcements... Err funny!!

Toorgle... Tizz nice!!



Blogger Turtle said...

cripes, is that down speed right?
I got 2788 down, 1638 up

6:19 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Sure is, but I do have a 24mg line..

6:22 pm  
Anonymous Andi said...

Hmm, 1962 down and 98!! up.

Would it shock you to hear I'm with Virgin?

Btw, I was describing your blog to a mate the other night and he said "so basically it's Nathan Barley in real life" haha. sorry.

9:29 am  
Blogger Nobody Girl said...

My Space is more like Creep Space, the weirdest people from your past always seem to 'randomly' show up.

9:43 am  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Nathan Barley in real life... Good gawd no!

And no, it wouldn't shook me at all to hear that you're with Virgin lol

11:34 am  

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