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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mystery solved...and replaced by an extra day?

Sooo, the keys were from Little Mistress. We hooked up last week and ended up sleeping together, she says she found them in her bag when she got home and thought they were mine, and coz I was away, just sent them to me in the post?

Slightly worrying, but [ I guess ] mystery solved.

I spoke to L last night ( the girl I snogged the other week ) we were gonna meet this weekend but mid conversation she launched into this completely off the chart: " I don't think I can meet this weekend, I'm still confused over my ex and...I'm off men this month and...I've decided to stop drinking and... my heads not in the right place, and... I have to think about my kids???? soo... can we leave it a few weeks?"


Hmmm, maybe not!

Jeez, leave it out, life's too fukin short.

Nevermind eh?

Note to all women of the world ( and men really, come to mention it. ) : Grief....before a second date is kind of a huge turnoff.

Really really not a good idea in the grand scheme of things?

Anyway, I got to the venue yesterday to find that the lighting controller hadn't been wiped? It was just on the wrong programme..


Sooo... I just hung around chatting to the barmaids and getting pissed instead. There's some really pretty girls working at the venue at the moment, but ( due to past experience ) I just don't mix. Eventually when it all goes tits up ( and it will dating a 19 year old ) the flak you get from the rest of the staff just ain't worth the hassle.

I really thought it was Friday today but it's only Thursday, that means I have a day off..


Also thank you the BBC for plastering the winner of The Apprentice all over your website ( with no spoiler warnings??) Some of us were working/chatting up barmaids last night and hadn't fukin watched it yet... Twats!!

I'm going back to bed.

Actually no, I'm gonna have a cup of tea instead.

The Oops list!!

For those who like the work motivation posters the other day, make your own.

Todays news...yesterday!

Oh dear?

Right, drinking my tea and asking the question: " Soooo, where did it all go wrong?"



Blogger Jo said...

I hate that when you want to watch something and don't know how it ends, then some dickhead spoils it for you. My life long hate of Edith Bowman came because she spoilt the ending of a film once on the radio, cow.

5:18 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I missed the Apprentice final, because I was over at a friend's house watching Eddie Murphy's 'Raw'. Was not surprised by the final choice - better they pick someone who's more apprentice like, or else the programme would be called 'The Experienced One' :-)

5:27 pm  
Blogger doktored said...

I thought they looked like my keys

7:12 pm  

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