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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Yahoo! The TV people are in the house!!

Sooo... Yesterday was a pretty kickass day really.

Got up early and went to take some pictures under the Westway (West London bypass) for an album cover, I particularly like these two (but not really for an album cover)

I also got loads of pics of the gig but my new camera seems to have a real problem focusing when it's dark, so they've all come out shit??

Not good.

Anyway, I arrived at the venue at around 12 ( it was a huge rigging job ) walked through the door and I was like "Yeeeyyyy!!, the TV people are here!!" I personally love setting up gigs where there's a film crew in the house coz it means:

A. You will be spectacularly fed, unless there's on-site catering, in which case it'll be OK-ish food. We were [spectacularly fed] by the way. A full Thai and British menu, on demand, and as much as you can eat.


B. There will be runners in the house, who will basically get you anything you want ( Ciggies, newspapers, coffee, food etc. etc. etc. ) and you don't have to pay a penny for it.

Happy days.

Yep if there's a film crew in the house, it means somebody is chucking money off the wall. Sony and Yahoo at this particular gig.

Again, all good.

So yeah, we basically ripped out the in-house system ( mixing desk, looms, FX etc. ) and spent the day replacing it with a state of the art digital mixing system which would have cost a bloody fortune. Load of fun.

We soundchecked the band at around 5pm for an 8pm gig and then sat back and watched the punters arrive.

Sooo... At this gig we had several types of punter. We had:

  1. The Sony/Yahoo competition winners ( a bunch of fairly young kids) who all looked sooo pleased to be mixing it ( and pretending to be with) the VIPs. Bless!!
  2. The film and sound people ( basically the techies and the directors ) all doing a job.
  3. The random VIPs and hangers on.
  4. The Sony VIPs and product demonstrators giving it the " Oh we seen it all before " vibe ( and they probably have)
  5. The Yahoo VIPs. These people you can spot a mile off by the Yes..yes we're in the music business attitude ( your not by the way) and, to be honest, they're all a bunch of hi-tech librarians. Nothing wrong with that really, you do get some very sexy librarians. But... just coz you put money into an industry, it don't make you part of it. Gawd that sounded sooo snobby, but... Yahoo is not ( and never will be) a cool company, please stop trying.
The actual gig ( Calvin Harris ) was OK I guess, I've seen much much better Electropop acts on the scene and the guy only played for like, 40mins? A whole day of rigging for a fukin 40min gig??

I did enjoy the Calvin Harris production team though, bunch of absolute nutters and their sound engineer did a spectacular job with the band ( Strange though, it sounded shit in the soundcheck?)

What did stand out though was the DJ playing before the gig. I didn't catch the guys name and there's no reference to him on any of the up and coming tour blurb, but the guy was pretty fukin good. He was DJ'ing from a Laptop using Ableton Live and a small controller, playing sorta Housey Electro stuff, but really dubbing it all out with huge delay FX.

Very cool, I could've listened to the guy all night. The DJ's on after Calvin were pretty run of the mill. Nothing worth writing home about really.

The gig ended at about 10pm and we de-rigged everything and were out the door by 11:20.

I decided go have a pint in the Market bar on Portobello Road my old stomping ground before they released that Nottinghill film and all the twats moved into the area and fucked it up? (You just can't buy class can you ?) Of course this is where all the Yahoo mob had descended post-gig as well ( probably the first open bar they came to.) So I had a couple and decided enough was enough, so I went to the shop, bought a bottle of Rum and then came home. Had a little dwinky and went to bed.

And that was that, pretty wicked day all round really, and...I got paid for it.

All good

All good indeedy.



Blogger Nobody Girl said...

The thai restaurant above the Market bar is such a lovely place - amazing food. Had dinner in there the other night....I recommend the green thai curry!

5:07 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

I hear you

5:22 pm  
Blogger Butchieboy said...

Every time I have to deal with film crew, I almost lose it and fucking go apeshit. They annoy me.

3:55 am  
Blogger annabelle said...

stumbled across your blog, enjoyed your rambling...Awww LONDON!! home sweet home, missing you today :(

2:18 pm  

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