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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Bethere...still there!

Sooo, I thought I 'd give you an update on how the BeThere broadband connection is going. Well it's been up and running for well over a month now and I've had zero time-outs, zero disconnects, zero downtime and only one router crash ( but I was sending a file at just over 1Mb/sec whilst downloading at full speed) Considering that this thing runs at half the speed of an OC1 optical line I'm pretty damn impressed to be honest. You could easily run a 20 node internet cafe of this thing with room to spare, so you can imagine what it's like on it's todd with only one machine on the network (My Mac)

The Japanese bloke next door ( new guy ) shares the line sometimes and I only know he's online if I actually check the router.

No longer am I waiting around to upload tracks to the various FTP servers of pressing plants etc. One track of 12oMB uploads in 120 secs. Lightning fast. I can set a download away ( Say Doctor Who or 24 or something ) then go to the shop and the thing will be ready when I get back.

Brilliant service, excellent customer care ( they even emailed me to tell me they were updating the router software, I didn't even notice them doing it) and the fastest domestic broadband in Britain by far at 24Mb. What more can you possibly need ( 48Mb line maybe?)

Basically this service shits all over BT or Bulldog or Carphone Warehouse or Tiscalli ( I won't mention Virgin Broadband, it's a non starter )


So yeah, happy broadband.

Highly highly highly recommended....

I'm filling in for a mate of mine D tomorrow engineering a Sony/BMG/Yahoo showcase in Notting Hill for this electro artist ( can't remember his name, he's kinda famous I think, oh yeah, Calvin Harris? ) D is in Poland touring at the moment, he'll be returning the favour filling in for me at the club when I start the festival season in a couple of weeks time.

Anyway, early start tomorrow so I'm off to bed.




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