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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Strange searches that get people to my Blog Part 2

Ok, so in keeping with the tradition of Strange searches part 1.

I proudly present ' Strange searches that get people to my Blog Part 2'

A random selection of the searches that get people to this URL. All from the last week and all written exactly as thay were found!

Fukin weirdos:

blonde j
MI5 bug ex pow
Orange head offfice London
ex wives pic swing
12-year old spliff
"flip the kipper"
manumission motel
cazels in france
london soho best shag
adidas jacket coke blog
fukin Olympics
dont want my period coz of festival
"The Eraser" torrent (tut! tut!)
cokehead girl diaries
fukin machines
Google Video copy of the Telecon mash-up
cokehead mother addicted try it got her
day-glo copier paper London
party girls
Carnage club London
japanese girls
ashworth mansions
hello kitty
supermarket night shift jobs London
how long does your nose run after doing coke
death star robot chicken torrent
chris till cokehead
pubs lesbien in london
o god bored as fuck mate
fukin picture
Hello kitty sex
"Worlds Fastest Band"
stupid guy in london sold computer
pictures of russian misses being fuked
"People get crushed like biscuit crumbs"
"dear diary" last night i went to the club bump
buy trellick tower
jobs for lazy twats
Noise cancelling headphones, London Drugs
italian liquor london off license (Note: there's one in Soho mate)
soho london a guy came up to me
listen to thom yorke's "harrowdown hill"
Spanked in a little black dress
confessions of a cokehead
london "pitch and put"
sit de pub dj's producteur de france
"eq a snare"
shagging animal fukers

And that's that..

Shit the fukin bed!! It's the Worlds largest floating shopping centre and geriatric playground.

Do people actually enjoy this kinda thing? I suppose if you've got kids or you wanna shag some rich divorcee or something...

Check out the Royal Promenade, jeez louise!! Err for which Royalty exactly, the king and queen of Acid-trip-ville? It's in the 'visit the shipyard' section and it's worth a gander just for a design lesson in the 'truely outrageous hideous daftism' movement of maritime architecture.


Nice website though, I'll give em that!

Right...back to work,



Anonymous tilda said...

Your readers are weird.


3:52 am  
Blogger london cokehead said...


4:12 am  
Blogger roxyfoxy said...

How the hell do you find all that info I dread to think what mine would be like.

8:35 am  
Blogger Angry_Bonobo said...

where are the "fuking russian misses?"

9:12 am  
Blogger Smartypants said...

"shagging animal fukers"

Oh dear.

11:22 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Oh dear indeed!

11:25 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

I blogged about a my trip to russia last year, so I guess the search finds the words, fukin, russian and misses, and links here?

11:57 pm  

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