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Friday, December 16, 2005

Strange searches that get people to my Blog Part 1 ...

Sooo , nothing really happened in the venue last night , so we just sat and watched Narnia on the video wall in room 2 ..

It was well funny watching the Lion The Witch and the Wadrobe with the ( huge ) venue doormen ... The bit where the Lion jumps on the Queen and they were all like " Hoooraay !! " ...

Fukin big softies really ...

So todays post is :

Strange searches that get people to my Blog Part 1 ...

Ok , so this list was compiled over the last two weeks ( exactly as they appeared ) :

check mic one two one two
keith harris duck off
fuck off yardies
cokehead stockbroker
old timey street lamppost
how to take care of your nose after doing cocaine
santas grotto london
parents fukin there so childrens mates
once a coke head always a coke head
John Peel was a cokehead
"strange pubs" toilet
aircraft wish dj
older men fukin little boys
what it feels like coming of cocaine after being addicted
what kind of bird is Keith Harris' Orville
Why did I get my phone knicked
thai green curry keeps you awake
am i a paedophile
prepare line cocaine how
cocaine makes you shit yourself
all sexy chop in london uk
making cocaine wraps for nights out
fuck you coz everyones a hero"
did you say meow supper trooper
laddo recipe
wolf fuking girl
sheep fuker
fuking in dressing room
where to buy extacy in london
You’ve Bin Kicked In The Nuts
women fukin horses
soundtrack of diary of a mad black women
dear diary went to the club did a bump]
Sugar babes " push the button " ( You search this and get to me ?? positive proof that nobody actually bought this fukin record )
poor guy
small boy and girl sex fukin
about what happened the day guy fawkes was torchered
bouncer get shot in london
loving a cokehead
mate swappings
ass gig
radio "toes sucked" show
the barmaid was spanked for stealing
how to kill a lampost fuker
detox drinks in portobello rd
jamie oliver chilli con carne
drunk again
stupid hero pics
what does the brain look like on extacy after a year
"impregnated by a dog"

There's some weirdo fukers out there in Netland and that's all I'm saying about that !!

Right , I have a club to run so I'm out of the door people ..

Bye .


Blogger Assistant Atlas said...

Oh God, I absolutely love crap like that. Heeee-larious.

4:28 pm  
Blogger Jilly said...

Jesus, you know what? Your blog is so 'real' compared to all others. I blows me away everytime I read it.

5:15 pm  
Blogger Bevan Bird said...

This is super funny!

prepare line cocaine how
Why did I get my phone knicked
small boy and girl sex fukin
mate swappings
"impregnated by a dog"

LOL, some people have real issues, when they wonder "oh, shit is that possible... better check that on google"

check out my blog dedicated to tracking down the funniest/weirdest search queries on the web (

2:58 am  
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