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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Aircon tiddle I po!!

Soo, the club was ram jammed last night.

Didn't help that half the aircon was fucked though, I've been screaming at the contractors to fix it for well over a month now, but they're useless mother fukin lazy bastards!!! Yep we'll come and install £80,000 worth of aircon under contract, but if it fucks up, you're on your own mate? You can just wait till we're ready?

I suppose people buy more drinks!

As they fry.

If they don't fix it by next Friday, I will go to their fukin head office and kick up such a stink that they'll wish they'd fixed it before it even broke! One thing I can't stand incompetent fukin un-professional companies. Not on my fukin turf son!

I'm still a little tired, can you tell?

Sooo, anything fun happen last night? Oh yeah, it gets to about midnight and I'm stood on the door talking to security when this little Chinese kid comes flying out of the door and proceeds to kick down all the crowd control tensor barriers? Normally this would piss us off,but this kid was sooo small that it just looked comical, so we we're just kind of stood pissing ourself''s laughing..

Anyway, this kid is stood there like some demanted Tasmanian devil that's just run out of petrol when suddenly these two huge Australian guys come flying out of the door and start kicking ten tins of shit out of this teeny tiny Chinese fella?? Now I'm not being funny but this is typical of Aussie guys, fukin pack hounds the lot of em!! Oh we're soo fukin hard when our mates are with us. Get em alone though and their usually soft as shite!

I once got in a huge fight at this big Aussie 2 day barbecue party thing in East london and they kicked me and my mates out, so we snuck back in under cover of darkness (SAS style) and stole all the sausages (about £100 worth)...HA!!!

I digress.

Sooo yeah, these Aussie guys are really laying into Mr Minichung in the street, and you can tell the punches are hard coz they're making the right sounds, you know, that proper craaackkking thwacking sound!!

Ying tong tiddle I pulverised!!

Soooo, we all pile in to basically save the little fella's life, but get this, the little guy just stands there laughing at em and shouting stuff like " THAT THE BEST YOU CAN DO YOU FUCKING CUNTS!!!" and " COME ON THEN YOU LANKY FUCKING PRICKS!!"


I stand there just staring in amazment, the guy should be out cold, but he's just laughing at his assailants. Fair play, go on skills!! I'll think twice about picking a fight with a chinese kid in the future me thinks!!

Okey dokey..

Today my other mate T is coming over with his bird and I'm gonna do a quick chop-out edit on this tune he has and then were going for a pint local...

And then I'll probably get fucked up!!

Shave my yeti? make sure you don't miss any bits though!!



Blogger roxyfoxy said...

Shave yer yeti LOL funny as fuck mint !

2:47 pm  
Blogger Angry_Bonobo said...

I like your blog my friend.
Found you when searching for Adidas Camo Jacket...

11:29 pm  
Anonymous tilda said...


That chinese kid seems really cool...
Or he could just be really coked up?!

Either way.. Such a cool kid.

AUSSIE guys suck!
Stupid guy steals my parking space today, I get out of car.. and cos im a girl in a mini skirt, everyone tells the guy to fuck off and give me my space back..
Guy comes up to me and starts to curse...

Assholes need to go back to their village!

Did u guys rescue him or what?

9:17 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Thanks angry..

Yeah Tilda, I'm not sure who we actually rescued the Little guy, or the bloody Aussies..

12:20 am  

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