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Monday, June 05, 2006

The great torrent wars?

Soo, I've been following this Pirate Bay story pretty closely as I think it's precedent to the future of bit torrent.

My view: Sites like these are only a signpost to the torrents, they contain no actual file data and so therefore no copyrighted material. So what's my point in all of this? Well...holding these sites responsible for copyright infringement is like holding a gun shop responsible for a murder, it just doesn't figure!

Pirate bay is in fact just a search engine for torrents and as such, if it's guilty then you could conclude that Google and Yahoo etc. are also guilty of the same charge.


Ok...and my views (as an artist) on illegal downloading:

The record companies (in the case of illegal music downloading) still just don't get the fact that music downloading doesn't actually harm music sales in fact, it increases them.

What! That's a completely mad statement Mr Cokehead, are you out of your fukin mind???

No... And here's my theory why:

Ok, take for example the recent Thom Yorke or Chilli Pepper internet "Scams" and then correlate them with the huge amount of positive reviews they both got from the Blogging, Forum and Underground communities, weeks before the rest of the world got their hands on the products ( In the case of Thom Yorke, they still haven't). Now, I know just from the amount of hits I got from my Thom Yorke post last week that these positive pre-release underground album reviews must only be doing good for album sales. They can have no negative impact on the recording industry...At all!

And...They only appear on the net for one reason and one reason only (listen up stupid record company execs...this is fukin important) These reviews only appear because" Geeks just love to be first!!" and by first I mean, first to recieve albums, or software, or movies and first to fukin review them...

"Oneupmanship is a geeks best friend." It's their fukin hidden code of honour, it's what makes them tick!

So instead of trying to hunt these people down: Bloody embrace them for crying out loud and stop wasting the recording artists money (we're talking millions here) trying to kill these fukin sites off. The harder you try (get this) the faster the technology will develop and the more of a problem you will have. And believe me, these geeks are way, way smarter than you are, or will ever be!!

Wise up you fukin idiots, you wouldn't know a good thing if it stood up and slapped you in the fukin face!

Right...back to mixing my album (which of course I'm gonna torrent, see how many times it's downloaded and read the reviews it generates...long before it's ever released! )

But...what would I know, I'm only the fukin artist?

Talking of uber-artists, this band truly rocks



Blogger simmi said...

I believe that the major corporations against 'illegal' distribution has nothing to do with the promotion of 'their' artist's etc. But has everything to do with the fact that the major corporations do not get the largest piece of the pie....they might still be coining in, but the main principle of the status quoe
of-only-being-able-to-earn-a-living-as-a-'signed-up'-artist is threathened and challenged by other forms of acces to music.
..........its fantastic, because this new cybor world has given rise (and new meaning) to old fashion idealistic hippy values of 'grassroot movements';plant a seed, let it grow and spread the love. Mutiny on Virgin island!

9:00 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Damn right mate!

8:25 pm  

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