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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Vocal sandwich

Soo, three days of solid vocal recording and I feel fucked!

Still though, we got finished pretty early today..

We got some really good stuff down as well, I just gotta mix it now. Think I'll leave that till next week though. I'm kinda worn out by hearing the same tunes over and over again, as you do when you record vox stuff.


We all went down the pub after the studio sesh yesterday and I sat and talked to T for like two hours about his mad childhood. The guy's was telling me some mad stories. T's dad is a big NY session guitarist and an ex smakhead and T was telling me the stories of how his dad used to take him down to the Projects to score gear and then leave T outside to fend for himself in the hallway's as his dad got high inside some apartment!! T was also with his dad when he got shot by some dealer and then carried T on his back all the way to the emergency rooms? Fuck me, mad way too spend your childhood.

Great songwriting shit though I guess, kinda made T who he is today..

I feel drained.

Didn't help that we got soo pissed down the boozer last night, vocal recording with a hangover is no fukin fun at all..

Still, it's nearly all done.

We have one day next week left to record the final shit before T returns Stateside..

Think I'll have a lie-in tomorrow morning before I go down to the club. I need to fukin tidy the home studio as well, it's kinda full of empty food cartons and bottles and cans and there's tobacco everywhere from people skinning up and just shit left all over the place.

Still, I guess it's just a five minute job though, i'll just take the bin round and scoop everything in!


Never mind, all in the name of progress?

Fuck me, I just took a break to go to the garage across the street and buy a sandwich. The whole place has gone all World Cuptastic. It looks like the fukin England flag took a shit in there?

And this sandwich tastes like crap, what is it with garage food? I sure there must be some company out there specialising in bland, tasteless, textureless cardboard fukin garage sandwiches, pasties and those fukin chicken on a stick things??

What a stupid idea, chicken with a lollypop up it's arse?

I mean look at this shit (actually you can't) I'll describe: it's like two slices of stiff bread a bit of plastic geen ruffly stuff (salad I think) some thing that's the same colour as cheese (but tastes like errr... well nothing really) some red shit (nooo fukin idea!) and a bit of pink fukin MDF!!!

I'm thinking it's probably got the same nutrion value as eating the microphone I'm starring at?

Actually the mic looks fukin tastier.

I knew I should have got the rolled-up cardboard full of sewage again!


Oh...I'm soooo full after that scrumptious symphony of tastebud joy!!!

What's that fuck is that about, surely in this day and age we can do better than this fukin whatever the fuck it is?

Good chef skills!

Have a medal..

Right, I'm gonna clean then chill



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