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Sunday, June 04, 2006

No place like foam (part 2)

Sooo, Friday we filled the club with foam, what a laugh... We do it about twice a year usually in the summer month's. Basically we hire this company and they come in with these two huge foam cannon things, then we wait till around 11, turn on the strobes and just let it rip!!

The two guy's who run the cannon are fukin hillarious, mad Essex boys and I swear you could make a sitcom about them... Ummm!

Foam carnage then ensues as the club becomes the washing up bowl of satan himself, you get people like virtually having sex on the dancefloor coz you really can't see a fukin thing!


Ok, as well as the foam shit we had this film company in the house filming some drama shit. The crew were only supposed to film for a few hours in a small corner of the club and in no way intefere with normal business.

Like that fukin happened!!

So this crew arrives plus actors and lighting and cables and fukin all the other shit that a film crew brings, and they just take over the whole fukin place?

I was not all!!

The director comes up to me and he's like " Alright mate, can we have the sidelights on ( these are far to bright to use normally) and can you not use the strobe, and can you not have the foam machine on when were filming please and can you make sure the dancefloor is not wet and can you...."

Me: " Err mate, hold on a minute here, it's a FOAM party, with lot's of foam, how the fuck can you have a foam party without the fukin foam? I mean come off it mate!!"

Him: " Oh it's ok we'll be done in a couple of hours "

Me: " Well yeah mate, or you get drowned"

He laughs (nervously), I laugh, we both laugh!!

Ha haaa!

I'm not fukin kidding though..

Sooo, the filming goes on and on and on, and me and the staff are getting well pissed off, the venue looks like a fukin christmas tree, it's getting too hot (cos the film lighting is generating a massive amount of heat ( aircon was fixed though) and the punters are complaining coz there's no bloody foam??

I have to pull the director up twice to tell him to get on with it, but (in a typical arrogant directors manner) he's not listening...

11.30 pm

Fuck this, sidelights off, strobe on, heavy techno tune..

Foam cannon operator: " What now mate?"

Me: "Just fukin blast em!!"

And they did!



How to remove a (outstaying their welcome) film crew at lightning speed....101

The director comes running up (actually sliding up) and he's like "?"

Me: " It's a FOAM party mate, sorry and that but it cost a packet to hire that gear in, and we're damn well gonna use it!"

The club goes fukin off , big time!


Party time!!

Kinda get's on your chest a bit though, but hey!

An aftermath pic (the floor looks like a swimming pool but the cleaners love it though coz it makes their 7 in the morning cleaning job real easy...

Love it!

Yesterday I met with my mate M and we watched England Slaughter Jamaica in the football and then we went on to this mad Casablanca themed party at this way posh place in Holland park where M was DJ'in.

And the women....Damn!

It was spoiled though by M's girlfriend coming on to me heavily like all fukin night. Jeez louise, M has a kid to this girl as well. Nightmare! Doesn't help that she's fukin gorgeous, no matter, it's my mates bird so no go, ever. Made that mistake once years ago and learnt my lesson the hard way, soo no way brother, noo fukin way!

So yeah, missed out on all the lovelies coz they all thought I was with my girlfriend.

Damn it!!

Ho hum.

Ok , I'm gonna make some food and watch a bit of TV..



Blogger HeroineGirl said...

Hello dawling,

I went to Fabric on the Friday night (breaks night) and it definately needed some cooling down. I'm too prissy to enjoy the foam thing, expecially if I was starting to come down it would totally gross me out.
I'm staying in London for another six months, we have to join superpowers.

9:00 pm  
Blogger djmetronome said...

I can never enjoy foam parties...I'm too (to use heroinegirls term) "prissy" about the clothes I wear...but it sounds like fun.

what sort of music to you play out there?

8:46 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Yeah, I'm the same,not in London it's too bloody cold when you get outside. I just organise the damn thing!

Joining of superpowers sounds like a laugh dear.

9:38 pm  
Blogger Ade said...

I hope you see this and are able to reply. Myself and two other girls want a major birthday celebration of our 18th's, that means loadz of people and loadz of alcohol. We also would love loadz of FOAM, but we really dont know what club would have us and where we would get good foam machines to hire from. PLEASE HELP. my email address is

11:16 pm  

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