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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Major decision.

Soo, what's new? We'll not a lot really, just working my ass off as per usual. Did a couple of bands last night ( which I'd completely forgotten about!) They were, for want of a better word, shite! So so many shit bands about at the moment on the up and coming new band circuit. There really is like a fukin dozen Artic Monkey copy cats springing up. The 'pretending you have a Northern Accent thing on stage' is really pissing me off, tossers..

Funny really, it always amazes me how when one band becomes semi-successful, just how many copy-cat bands then follow suit?

Attack of the fukin clones, right hear in la la land!!

Note to all new bands: Get your fukin own sound...Please!!

Stuck fo inspiration? This might just help.

Ok, soo today I have a real easy day. I'm off down to the West End to drop some tunes at a management company so they can send them to the film bods in L.A. and then on to the venue to re-wire shit up in the lighting rig and then I have to do some geezers party where he wants a monitor and a mic setting up on stage. Eazy peezy stuff. I don't care though, I still get paid for it?

The sun is shining outside, so I think I'll take my time and walk across London, I'll probably stop off in Soho for coffee and watch the freakshow before wandering off to the venue.

All good.

This is a nice story, but I just can't help wondering why, after doing all the work, this girl decided to sign to a major record label basically giving away 95% ( yep you read that right!) of her fukin future income??

If she knew how to play the game, she could've charged say £1/visitor/online gig, raised £100,000 or £200,000 from a couple of gigs, contacted itunes, placed some we'll researched adds in the right magazines, then sat back and watched as the money rolls in..

But no, she signed to a major label who will basically do the same thing, add a bit of radio play, put a couple of albums out and drop her when they get bored taking 95% of her money for the privilege.

Then in five/ten years time as she's signing on the dole, she'll go "Hold the fuck on here, where did all that money go?"

I'll tell you where dear, your record company spent it all for you, they're good at that, it's what they do. Sooo, just consider one thing when they take you out to that fancy restaurant with ten other employees and break open the expensive champagne to celebrate your future success, YOUR THE ONE WHOSE FUCKING PAYING FOR IT!!!

I guess we still live in a world where we think that signing your life away to these bastards is the way to go???

It's the old carrot and donkey thing. As Don King once said ( which is losely applicable to this situation) " If you owe somebody who is broke £100,000 and you put say £5000 cash in their hand with the option to take the cash or wait for the £100,000, they will always take the cash."

I guess she'll still get a huge pay-off from some publishing company, so it's not all bad eh!!

Right, I suppose I better get my shit together.

Out the door,



Blogger Cind said...

And WTF exactly is up with havin' a northern accent - cheeky shit ;-}

11:19 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Err nothing,I'm a Northern expat dear (born and bred) soo I have the right to comment bout it..


4:46 am  
Anonymous Ex-pat in Nice said...

How fucking sad for Miss Sandi there.

Are artists somehow unable to read, or at least, hire their own lawyer to read that contract to them, and sound out the big words for them?

No offense to artists that have functioning brain cells intended.

10:46 am  

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