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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Viva la Torrent!!

As much as we English don't like the French ( Arrogance vs Pomp and Pride... No fukin contest you fukin baguette munchers !! ), they do seem to be getting things right at the moment with stuff like this, which is basically forcing Apples hand in monopolising the digital downloading of itunes music for ipods only, which is akin to only being able to buy say shell petrol for Ford cars and this, which allows peer-to-peer file sharing to be carried out for free after you buy a peer-to-peer licence...

Ok, I'll tackle the Apple thing first, it's not really about itunes , it's about the whole modern Apple philosophy thing in general . Soo, Apple are starting to become just like fukin Microsoft in the way they treat their customers. Just last week I had to buy an upgrade ( the second in four months ) for a programme that I've already paid £700 for? To top it off, this ain't even a major upgrade, it just covers a couple of bugfixes and allows me to use my prog on their new Intel hardware ( a hardward migration decision made by them, and not fukin me I might add!! ), but of course if I want to keep my software current I have no choice to purchase this sodding upgrade at £35. It's not a lot of money, but it means I've already spent £80 on bugfixes ???

Thanks Apple!!

These upgrades should be free but you justify the price on the fact that it comes with a whole load of new Garageband loops. Woohoo!! Woopy fukin do!! Just what the professional producer needs? A bunch of pre-programmed amateur night at the Apollo sound files. Just give me the fukin programme you doughnuts and stop messing , I'm quite capable of programming my own drum loops thanks. I left a review on their site detailing my concerns, but of course it wasn't published with the other reviews coz it's negative?

What the fuck's that about!!

You know Apple, it was the musicians and the graphic designers who kept your fukin company alive when everybody gave you up for dead!! So stop treating us like your doing us a fukin favour thanks!! If anything, you should be giving the LC, Quadra, PowerPC brigade fukin discounts, coz if it wasn't for us lot, you'd all be dead in the water ...

Apple fukin snapple!!!

Right that's off my chest. Next: Peer-to-peer file sharing. Ok, where do you start with this fukin can-o-worms ?

You know, this shit ain't gonna go away, soo, the logical thing to do is to legalise it with a peer-to-peer licence. I really can't see what the problem is? Ok sooo if have an album on-line and it get's downloaded say 2000 times then the artist gets a percentage of that from the licence... Easy !!

You say: It's imposible to admin something like that!!

We say: Fuck off, publishing companies have been doing that sort of shit with radio and TV airplay from different world territories for fukin years... Get together with them, have a cup of tea and a biscuit , have a chat and fukin sort it out!!

You say: It would be logistically too expensive and would require too much manpower to put in place..

We say: Nah, shut the fuck up again. If you put half as much effort into sorting out the necessary protocols and finding a common solution as you do with taking Johnny Smartypants to court coz he downloaded the latest Death Banana and Fido fukin album then I guarantee you'd have it all sorted within the year!!!

I for one would have no problem with paying a monthly fee to be able to download what I want when I want and I know a lot of people who feel the same way. Till then, I'll just do it anyway.. It's as easy as that coz I really don't have the time to watch TV progs when you say I have to watch em !! I'm a busy boy you know..

Arrrrhhhh, breath in, breath out, that's better..

Also... It seems our Iranian friends couldn't get it together (yet) and form a Petroeuro Oil Bourse? Oh well, nevermind lads, maybe next year eh!! At least you won't get invaded for a while though, which is always nice!!

Ok, I'm gonna relax for a couple of hours and watch Jack Bauer kick some fukin ass... Thanks for allowing me my Tv schedule on my time... Get it!!



Blogger Doom/Blondie said...

Jack Bauer.... Saves the world.

Which series you up to?

I;m gonna hold off with series 5 until I have the whole thing and then I'm just gonna hide away and watch it ALL in a few days.

That is the tradition.

6:43 pm  
Blogger what's_my_line? said...

You know, the same debate has been going on over leagalizing marajuana for decades in the US. It's not gonna go away, so why not legalize it and develop a system to help control and stabalize it, instead of filling already crowded jails and prisons with small time recreational dope users?

And yeah, if I could pay a small renewable fee to access as much music as I wanted, why not? I could cut out all the crap tracks that come with the rest of it.

So what's the big argument? I don't see the demand for music declining. The distribution will still be there, and you can probably see an equivilent number of sales when you put together CD and online downloads. The big tiff is that the money they are raking in on the bottom line is going to decline because the downloads are bound to be cheaper. So they are LESS concerned about the number of albums sold, and MORE concerned with how much they are making on each one.

The saying goes: Those who make more money than you are greedy; those who make less money than you are lazy. I think this is due for a change in perspective for the record lables.

7:44 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Doom: Series five mate fukin top stuff..

WML: Sometimes, the highers just can't see the woods for the trees.. The major labels are complaining about online piracy yet they are all still making record profits and who gave them the god given right to control the worlds music anyway?

It's all about the money with these fuckers, they complain they want more money per download from itunes yet they have no manufacturing costs to deal with.. Go figure eh!!

With a down load peer-to-peer licence we could effectively cut the fukers out of the loop and don't they just know it!!

Sooo, my message to them is: If record companies exist for the manufacturing and distribution of music and we no longer need to manufacture and we can distribute without you and all you do is sell 99% crap anyway, then, why the fuck are we still giving you fukers a seat at the table??

Not for much longer I hope..

8:52 pm  
Anonymous Expat in Nice said...

Good grief and amen. I am standing on a chair in my kitchen applauding you.

I love the fact that I can support a band directly - instead of an entity that, I am sure, has given the band a very proper kick in the teeth (and that is when they are being kind).

Torrenting tv is my only tv.

Last shot across the bow - it is warm and sunny here now. We call it Spring - but it feels just like Summer.

11:42 am  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Expat... Yep!!

2:21 pm  
Blogger Chris said...

I owned both an LCII and a Performa 6300. I lurve my shiny new MacBook Pro (can you tell I'm typing on it?). But yeah, those mid-90s Macs sucked unholy ass.

5:44 am  

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