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Friday, March 17, 2006

Flop of the Pops

Random St'Paddy's day blender full of green alcoholic shit. Hic!

Sooo , Last night was truly hilarious, we do this night now and again where we have what can only be described as a 'Band swap'..

Ok, we take people from fairly well known bands and swap em all around for a laugh, so drummer A plays with band B, guitarist C plays with band A etc. etc. etc. They're all then given a cover song which is totally unrepresentative of the what the band would usually play and left for three minutes to get on with it on stage!!

Therefore, a heavy rock band will get to do a Britney cover, a soul singer type band will do a sex pistols cover and say an all girl rock band will do a Westlife cover etc. ( No!! I've just mentioned Westlife on my blog, aarrgghhhh....I'm going in red leader, take cover, mayday!! mayday!! )

I digress

You start by giving the drummer (through his stage monitor) say ten seconds of the origional song to be covered, you then turn it off and he has to carry it on as the rest of the band virtually make it up on the spot. Funny ? It can make you cry on the spot so yeah, it's funny as fuck!!

Soo, This sounds like a completely stupid idea and you'd be right, it is! But the results can be fukin hillarious, what totally tops it off is the fact that the musicians have never really played together before. Oh and they all get minging drunk before we start so nobody really gives a shit what they're playing anyway..

The first one of these nights we did nobody would join in, but now we have bands battering down the doors to take part..

As for me engineering this shit, well I've done about four or five of these nights before and I've got it down to a fine art. What you do is listen out for the worst musician on stage and feed him really loud to all the other band members monitor's so therefore they all start playing (or trying to play) to his crap timing!! It works a treat ..

Soo , last nights acts worthy of merit, well we had the worst rendition of Michael Jackson's 'Billy Jean' that I've ever heard ( including karaoke versions ) the guitar solo in the middle was exceptionally bad, but fair play to the guy as he did manage to finish it off on the right note while laying on his back and playing with his teeth ( Jimmy Hendrix style ) which in turn brought a sea of approving raised fists and cheers from the packed house... Top!!

Also of note, the band consisting of a funk drummer, a heavy metal guitarist, a bassist and three doo-wop type singers doing a cover of 'Nelly the Elephant'. Classic stuff all round really!!

But the Flop of the Pops award (for me) definitely went to the all girl band doing a thrash metal version of Sinatra's 'Come fly with me' , Imagine a car full off wailing cats crashing into a lake at 120mph after swerving off the fastlane of a motorway and then sinking with the occupants still alive inside and your kinda halfway there!!

Yep, totally fukin hilarious..

Ok, tonight we're having a St'Paddy's day celebration night at the club, so I imagine it gonna be total carnage from start to end.. Oh dear!!

Right, people to see, things to do!!

Happy St'Paddy's day.... Watch out for the 'I've suddenly sprung Irish roots, did I ever tell you about my cousin Shamus?' people, they really are everywhere today and don't we fukin know it.... F' sure, f' sure!!



Blogger Smartypants said...


So, are you saying I should be more 'candid?'

= )

10:19 pm  
Blogger pop renaissance said...

out here it's fucking amateur night - one of the 3 days a year most of these twats get drunk.

it's like those girls who are total prudes all year but wear a devil costume at halloween that covers NOTHING, getting their once-a-year rocks off being "dirty".

10:19 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

SP:Yeah yeah dear, much more candid??

PR: Yep and they all seem to have become Irish for the night ??

12:40 pm  
Blogger Doom/Blondie said...


Q. why did the leprechaun wear two condoms?

A. to be sure, to be sure.

1:20 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Ha ha !!

1:47 pm  

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