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Friday, April 14, 2006

Blind date on the bling boat.

Soo, Friday.. I'm not gonna go to the club tonight till later on tonight, so I'm just stopping for a break before I drag my arse out the door.

I guess it's the bank holiday weekend so it's likely to be fukin mobbed. To be honest I'm really not in the mood to deal with it all, I'd rather stay indoors and watch couple of DVD's but duty calls eh!!

So what's up this weekend? Well I'm being forced into going on this blind date on a river cruise down the Thames. Trouble is, I really don't wanna go.

Why? A number of reasons really. I'll list them for what it's worth .
  1. I think it's an RnB party. My mate T is heavily into his black RnB chicks, he's terrible, he'll make an RnB track, woo the singer with his 'I'm a record producer' speil, get a deal with the track, shag the talent and then wonder why the whole record deal implodes in his face!! Never shag the talent mate...ever!! So yes, there's a high probability it's gonna be an RnB party. I've asked him and he's not sure but I've got this niggling feeling it is. After a bit of research there's like 8 or 9 parties on Thames boats in central London this Sunday and half of them are RnB, the rest are a couple of weddings, a mexican thing and a Northern soul party. It's not that I don't like RnB it has it's moments, it's just that I hate the scene. I really can't stand all the Bling Bling attitude shit, it's just sooo fukin false, pretentious and I find it about as much fun as watching cockroaches evolve.. I really, really don't fit in with this crowd, I don't dress like them, I don't talk like them, I don't hang with them. I just stand out like a sore thumb and people around sense this shit so it makes conversation difficult and I guess it makes me feel uncomfortable. So why pay to feel uncomfortable? Plus if the RnB crowd find out what you do, some of them will come over and start singing and rapping and shit. It's fukin embarrassing... Just don't ok!!
  2. Ok, sooo this girl is supposed to be extremely beautiful, she's like blone , petite, body to die for etc. etc. etc. ( everybody is telling me this) but, this to me just spells fukin trouble!! I know, call me mad but... really beautiful women are, high maintenance, self centred, expensive, never fukin on time, take all day to get fukin ready and are usually shit in bed. Give me the girl next door any day of the week. I guess I've never met this girl so I'm making assumptions but I'd hate to proved right and then have to spend 8 hours on a fukin boat that I can't get off, twiddling my thumbs and just being plain miserable!!
  3. If she's an RnB girl then I'm just not fukin interested, period. There's a chance she's not, but also a chance she probably is..
  4. I'm really not sure if I wanna date again yet, which doesn't help matters really.
  5. I'm being forced into it coz my mate and his girlfriend think I'm being sad and miserable. I'm actually not, but they're presuming that I don't like being a bachelor...They're wrong!!
Soo that's that , there's always the chance that I could have the time of my life, which is usually what happens when I go somewhere I don't wanna go and I could always stand on deck and take some pretty picture of London if it all goes pair shaped, so I suppose what's the harm really!! Oh I don't fukin know? What to do..

Ok, I suppose I better get ready and go and do some work eh!!

Actually I may just stay in and let santa's little helper do some work for a change..

Decisions decisions!!

Oh, before I forget, I managed to track down those flight 93 transcripts, so If anyone's interested, I'll post them. It makes for some scary reading I'll can tell ya.




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