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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Speaker ( s ) corner !!

Sooo , we had a completely fukin mobbed house last night .. I don't think that I've ever seen it so busy !!

If it continues like this I'm gonna invest in a new sound system as the old one's getting a bit passed it's sell by date.. Martin Audio H3 Blackline I think ... Ooooh , the thought of it makes my knees go weak ( sad but true !! ) These speakers truly fukin rock like a big rock thing goin on !!

Apart from Funktion ones which are major fukin awesome sounding but just far too pricey ( your talking like £100,000 (( min )) to do the club ) I think that they're the best sounding off-the-shelf club speakers in the world .. So that's what I'm after !!!

Ok soo , tonight Little Mistress is coming over and then we're off out to another mates birthday party in West London ( again !! ) so many Birthdays , so little time !!

I'm not really that up for going as I'm pretty fukin knackard truth be told but duty calls so I guess we're going ...

Ummm !!

Next week is mega busy so I really could've done with staying in this weekend , but hey ! this is London , wadda ya expect !!

Right , the third cup of coffee has just kicked in so I'd better get my skates on and sort all my shit out !!

Laters ..


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